More vintage images for mixed media art

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Another set of images at 300ppi to use in your art. You could use them as digital stamps or embroidered on a quilt square in redwork. They could be coloured and used as a transfer onto your fabric, remember to reverse the image if you keep the bird name in the image.

Vintage birds

Vintage images for mixed media art

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These images have been gleaned from old books. They are high resolution so they can be used either digitally or printed out and used in a mixed media piece. I would love to see what you do with them. There are a couple that are simple enough to be used for red work. The page will print off on a 8.5 x 11 inch sheet.

Vintage images, high resolution for mixed media art

Together …. a mini scrappy kit created for the Pixel Scrappers April challenge

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This cute little kit was created for the Pixel Scrappers site, their April challenge. Together can mean so many different things to different people.

Together mini kit preview

Cousins together in time. I love vintage photos and this one brought back some memories of my extended family.

Cousins, together in time

This kit has two downloads, one for the papers and another for the elements. Be sure to get them both. Personal use only please.

Together papers
Together elements

Spring Coming scrapbook kit for the Digital Scrapbooking Studio March Colour Challenge

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March is almost over and so is another colour challenge at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio. This is my answer to the challenge. The colours are earthy and the green of early spring when the leaves and first tree blossoms are springing out all over the place. Enjoy the kit, personal use only.

Spring Coming scrapbook mini kit

Spring Calling elements

Spring Calling papers

Beautiful Affirmation, March Scrapbook kit at Pixel Scrappers

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This is my second challenge at Pixel Scrappers. The challenge is the full month of March and you will find the kit for downloading at the end of the month. Each week I will be adding another teaser of what you will get. Don’t forget to come back and check each week. This week it was papers.

Pixel scrappers March challenge, week 1 papers

The second week of the challenge called for more papers using the same colour pallet as last week. At the end of the month there will be a full kit to download and play with. Come back next week to see what we had to create for week 3.

Pixel scrappers March challenge, week 2 papers

Third week of the challenge and elements were the request for the week. Designing to someone else’s guidelines instead of my own is very different. Don’t forget to come back at the end of the month when the full kit will be available for download

Pixel Scrappers March challenge, week 3 elements

Week four and the kit is finished. There are 4 downloads, one for each week so don’t forget to download them all to get the complete kit.

Pixel Scrappers March challenge, week 4 elements and solids

Beautiful Affirmation is the title of the kit. Stating that each and every one of us is beautiful. We don’t always remember this as we go through life. Here is a page I created using an old photo that is not one of my favourites but does remind me that I am beautiful even when my hair is in rollers. I’m not telling how old this photo is though !!

I am beautiful ... because I was made that way !!

Beautiful Affirmation week 1
Beautiful Affirmation week 2
Beautiful Affirmation week 3
Beautiful Affirmation week 4

Thankful for the Children Mini Scrapbook Kit

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This little kit was done for the Pixel Scrapper site, a little February challenge I found at the last minute. The challenge was to make a kit from a row of bingo squares. I chose a horizontal row which included 2 ribbons, stars, yellow, 3 flairs and plaid. The plaid paper was created using the marisaL287 psd template. Personal use only with this kit.
Thankful for the Children Mini Kit

Thankful for the Children

Early Spring mini scrapbook kit

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Early Spring was created with the colour pallet from the Age of Aquarius kit for ADB Design’s February colour challenge at the Scrapbook Studio. The colours remind me of the fresh greens and pastel colours of new spring flowers and budding trees. It has been such a cold winter for most of us this year and making this little kit has been an escape, even if it’s only been for a little while.

Early Spring Elements

The elements are soft and gentle like the first days of spring … lilacs, crocus and the new buds on the trees.

Early Spring Papers

You can pick up both the elements and papers here:

Early Spring Elements

Early Spring Papers

February Valentines Scrapbook Mini Kit

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For this kit I chose two vintage valentines with two little Dutch boys and a girl. They are adorable, especially the little girl and boy. Enjoy creating with this kit. You can pick up the kit at the links below.

February Valentines Scrapbook Mini Kit

Here is a page using the kit. With the glitter and laces and tags you can create something special for your Valentine’s sweety.

Scrapbook Page using February Valentines Mini Kit

February Valentines Paper Kit
February Valentines Elements Kit

Windy, a winter princess paper doll …

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Windy is a winter princess who wants to go out and play in the snow and ice all day. She is happiest making snowmen and ice castles. What else could she do with all the January snow? Can you draw her an ice castle? Windy would like to come to your house and play.

Windy a winter princess paper doll

Windy a princess paper doll 2

This is the Moment mini kit for the Digital Studio’s colour challenge, January 2014

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This is the moment preview

Working with Anita’s (ADB Design) chosen colour palette and kit this month was a sweet pleasure. It took me about 2 hours to work up a QP. I have included this quick page in the mini kit download. You can pick up Anita’s little kit here It will soon be gone. The links to my little kit are below.

This is the Moment papers

This is the Moment elements

QP for colour challenge
This is the QP worked up using Anita’s mini kit.

This is the moment QP
This QP is one I made using my This is the Moment kit. You will find it in the download as well.

This is the Moment wedding page
I did not make a QP of my wedding page as it is a personal page. This is my hubby and myself in 1967, Canada’s centennial year. Canada was 100 years old and we were brand new. The day lilies are photos I took from my wild flower garden two years ago. Enjoy the kit.

Twelve days of Christmas colour challenge, December 2012 at the Digital Studio

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Another wonderful mini kit from ADBDesign for the Studio’s December 2013 colour challenge. The kit won’t be up for long so pick it up while you can. Pick up the kit here

12 days of Christmas mini kit

This is my mini kit using the colour swatches from the ADBDesign’s kit. I have added lots of papers, two of which are scalloped and a sweet little angel. There is also a patchwork Scottie dog and little bird along with frames and scatters.
I have made two quick pages using my kit and one using ADBDesign’s kit.


This is the first of the quick pages from my kit. I love this little angel.

Quick page 3

The second of my quick pages made from my own kit. Isn’t the Scottie cute?

Quick page 1

This is the page I created using the ADBDesign kit. You can pick up my mini kit and all three quick pages below. Personal uses only please.



Quick Pages

Old Fashioned Christmas scrapbook kit

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A Christmas gift for everybody. If you have boys this kit will help you put together your holiday pages. I have added lots of boys toys along with a doll and lots of little animals for boys and girls. There are also some adult elements so something for everybody to go with the seasonal photos. I have split both the papers and the first elements files and all are under 50MG so won’t take long to download. Personal use only for this free kit.
Old Fashioned Papers

Paper 1
Paper 2

Old Fashioned Christmas elements 1

Elements 1
Elements 1a

Old Fashioned Christmas elements 2

Elements 2

Old Fashioned Christmas Elements 3

Elements 3

Here are two scrapbook pages using elements and papers from the kit. Aren’t these two just too cute? They are almost grown now, but it’s fun to look back at them as little ones at Christmas.

Old Fashioned Christmas Scrapbook Page 1

Old Fashioned Christmas Scrapbook Page 2

Sugar and Cookie, Christmas Paper Dolls, friends for Cinnamon and Spice

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Welcome Sugar and Cookie for the Christmas season. They are sugar cookies with their own icing outfits. How will you dress your sugar cookies? Can you make more outfits for them? They would love an extra suit of clothes. Have fun this Christmas.

Sugar and Cookie Paper Dolls

Give Sugar and Cookie their own story to go with their outfits. Will Santa have them in his sack? Or will a little boy or girl have them out on a plate for Santa….I hope Santa doesn’t EAT them !!!!

Santa, two great images, Christmas in November

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Santa …. two great images just in time for Christmas card and tag making. These vintage colouring book Santas would also make great embroidery patterns for tea towels to give as a hostess gift. If you quilt but don’t embroider you could applique him onto a towel as well…even a Christmas stocking. Done on a fabric postcard he could be sent as a Christmas greeting too.


Santa checking his list. At least he is laughing so he must like what he sees.


Santa telling us to shhhhh !!! …. I wonder if he just wants the elves to be quiet for two minutes or does he just not want us to make a peep so we don’t wake the kids

Blessed and Thankful scrapbook mini kit

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Another challenge over on The Studio, the November colour challenge with Anita of ADB Designs and I created another mini kit. The colour swatches were so spring like and perfect for the photo.

You can get my free mini kit here

Slush Puppies

This is the page I created using the free mini kit offered for the challenge. The colours were perfect for my lilacs. You can find Anita's kit here Pick it up quickly because it will soon be gone

Wanda and her cat Twinkles, a Hallowe’en paper doll

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Wanda wants to go trick or treating this year for Hallowe’en. She has her witches costume all ready and Twinkles her cat is all dressed up too. Won’t you take her trick or treating with you this year? Finish her story. What will she gather when she is out? Which friends will she meet? What will happen if a goblin asks for a trick in exchange for a treat?
Wanda and Twinkles

October colour challenge at The Studio

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Our Tiggy cat on a page using The Studios little free kit. Isn’t he handsome. I created a mini kit and an add on for this challenge.

This page was made with the mini kit I designed. A dramatic page that shows our late Tigger at his best, watching out our window for the birds, squirrels and chipmunks that come to visit.

This is the mini kit I created for the October colour challenge at The Studio. I added lots of glitter to the beautiful rich colours.
October Mini Kit

The kit

Working on the kit using the beautiful colours I found I couldn’t stop. Here is a little add on to go with the mini kit
October mini kit add on

The add on

Venice, the city of love and dreams, another scrapbook kit

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Last week of the challenge and a dream vacation. My choice would always be Venice. Katherine Hepburn in the movie Summer, taking a vacation in Venice and finding love if only for a fleeting second while looking for some matching Venetian red glasses. I have added the red glasses and a cafe table, a gondola and the ‘city of canals’ painting. The painting was gleaned from the Getty Museum.

Dream Vacation, Venice

This is has 4 links
elements 1
elements 2
elements 3

Staycation, the third week scrapbook kit

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Choosing a place for the third week of the challenge was difficult. The Ottawa Valley is populated with beautiful old historic towns. Appleton was an excellent choice. This tiny town is so small it doesn’t have a store of any kind. It does have a wooden bridge, a river, white water and gorges lined with beautiful trees that turn colour in the autumn. Those colours are my colour palette for this kit. Revisiting this vintage town through my memories was a joy.

Appleton, Ontario

There are three links for this kit. Enjoy.
Elements 1
Elements 2

Destination, A scrapbook kit

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The second week of the New Designer Challenge for September in The Studio.
Destination scrapbook kit
This week we picked a beach photo. I’m not normally a beach person so I chose an image from Sea grass, sandy beach, surf … this beach has it all. I thought it would be a great place to rest and have a picnic.

Destination papers here

Destination elements-1

Destination elements-2

A Walking Road Trip, Scrapbook Kit

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My first scrapbook kit … I hope you can use this little kit for your summer holiday photos

Walking Scrapbook Kit

This kit was created for the Next Designer Contest at the Studio. I entered to learn new techniques in Photoshop and it has been an intensive September. I have just completed week 3 and uploaded on the Studio site. It’s been fun, but the work involved in a project of this size is an eye opener. Week 1 is here for you to download.

You can download the kit here

Pear pattern ….. vintage sketch for pillow

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This is the pattern I used for my pear card …. it was published in the McCall’s Needle Art magazine Vol IV. It and a sketch of apples were included. The apples were used to create a pretty decorative pillow that would hold up on your couch today. These vintage patterns lend themselves to so much more. I love to honour them and their creators by using them in what I do today.

pear pattern

This pillow would look just as great on a dark homespun and stitched with white cotton or one of each light and dark for contrast. Done on ecru or white homespun and framed it would look perfect on a kitchen or dining room wall. Both sketches could be used as a quilting pattern in a solid coloured block in your quilt. Wouldn’t that look good on your love seat?

decorative pillow

If you want both the apple and pear pattern you can grab it here: Apple Pillow with extra pear pattern

Card of the Month …. pear cards

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These cards were created for a swap on the Art for the Creative Mind Yahoo group. Until I joined this group I hadn’t done a card and now I do one for almost every month.

pear card

This is the card I sent to my partner. The pear itself was drawn onto a piece of acrylic and held on with brads. I first designed the template in Photoshop Elements and then chose the papers to go beneath the pear sketch.

pear card

This was the first card I made and I think my favourite of the two, but when putting it to the group they liked the other better so that is the one I chose for the swap itself. Although I used the same template and sketch for both card the choices of papers and colours makes the design look completely different.

More ATCs … made for Random Acts of Kindness mailings

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These were made with leftover bits of everything I had in my stash …. it was a lot of fun to see these come together one little bit at a time, no two alike

first set of two ATCs

The top card was made with a piece of leftover embossed card as the base. Little tangles of threads along with an extra ‘A’ and flower from previous swaps and lots of leftover glitter in the corner are glued on and held in place by a piece of acrylic held on with brads. The lower card’s background was created with leftover roses from the napkins I used for my journal pages. The word ‘friends’ was in my stash as well and although it’s colour was close to the roses it didn’t stand out so I outlined in silver and of course a little bling on the corner.

second set of ATCs

Here is the second set, made in the same way as the first two but with different little bit and pieces. These little cards can become addictive.

Sisters ….. vintage photos of my sister and I

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When the ATC theme of sisters came up on the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo group, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had these two great photos of my sister and I when we were very young in Toronto. I’m the little blonde. One was taken with us dressed in our ballet tutus and the other in dresses made by my grandmother. She was one of the best artists with a needle I know. She could take a bit of this and a bit of that and make wonderful outfits for us. The little kitten in that photo just did not want to be there….I can still remember the scratches even now.

Sisters ATC

I gave us both new outfits in Photoshop Elements along with Princess crowns…lots of glimmer and bits of threads as well.

Sisters ATC

These dresses had bright red trim and buttons … I loved this dress and wore my sister’s hand-me-down as well. The front bib bodice was pleated as well…where the bruises were I added band aids and another pair of Princess crowns of course. These were so much fun to do as they brought me back to the early years.

ATC back
ATC back

These are the backs of the ATCs … I create a back that is interesting and holds all the information as well. The front of a piece is not the only canvas to cover and it is always important to sign your work.

Journals …. this is my first mixed media journal page

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Journal Page

This is my first attempt at a mixed media journal page created for the Art For the Creative Mind yahoo group. The only criteria for it was that we had to use a stencil. My stencil was the waste from a little flower die. Never throw those out until you have used them somewhere. There are several layers of bits and pieces of almanac pages, lace, gold striped and dotted tissue paper as well as a couple of dollar store napkins with roses. I also used some threads to create more texture in the piece. Creating more pages is now a priority in my little art cave.

Paris in Summer …. digital 4×4 with tags

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This little 4 square inch square was done completely in Photoshop Elements 11. A swap piece for the Art for the Creative Minds Yahoo group, it was so much fun to do. Lots of effects and styles were used to create the piece.

Paris in Summer 4x4

The back of a piece for a swap should always have your information; who made it, title of the swap piece and your blog. Be proud of what you have done and sign all that you create that is sent to someone else. Take ownership of your art.

Paris in Summer back

When I had finished the piece I felt it still needed ‘something else’ … you know that little feeling at the back of your brain that tells you that the piece is not quite finished. I created two tags and tied them onto the 4×4, attaching a tag to each end of the tie.

Paris in Summer tag

Paris in Summer tag

Asian Coffee Filter Book and Geisha Paper Dolls

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Coffee Filter Book
My first coffee filter book, done for the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo Group. I created an understated book in colours from the old Japanese wood cuts. Bangles and metallic threads are at the end of each tag. The tags are Geisha dolls and one extra kimono for each doll. Each pocket holds one of the dolls and has her name in English on one side and Japanese on the other. Prisma colours gently coloured some of the images on each covering page. I am sharing my Geisha paper dolls. The image is one I gleaned from colouring pages on line. It was listed at several different sites. Paper flowers, a peacock dangle and some soutache braid around the blue rings finish the simple Japanese look of the book.

Geisha Dolls

Here are the dolls and the kimonos. Each doll has a name of a Japanese flower. In order they are: top left is Lotus, top middle is Sunflower, top right is Plum, bottom left is Cherry, bottom middle is Willow and bottom right is Iris. Have fun with these little dolls.


Marzie Mermaid and Bubbles have come to play with you this summer

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Marzie and Bubbles were created for a swap with the Art For the Creative Mind Mixed Media Yahoo Group. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to be both a Mixed Media doll and a paper doll so here she is. This is the mixed media doll. Her little fin on the end of her tail has a brad so she can swim just about anywhere she wants to go and Bubbles, her trusted side kick goes with her.

Marzie Mermaid and Bubbles

Marzie and Bubbles would love to play with your young daughter or granddaughter. She needs her story finished with summer fun. She would love to swim your way.

Marzie cut out doll

If your young girl is an artist she can create her own little Mermaid and Bubbles. Imagine the adventures they could have during those rainy days with nothing to do.

Marzie colour your own

Christmas paperdoll 2012 …. Merri Christmas

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Meri is here to say ‘hello, won’t you play with me this Christmas?’. She is all set for whatever games you play, whether it be snug in her little housecoat and slippers or out in the snow with her snowsuit. Meri can help trim the tree or sit down for a snack of gingerbread men. She also has a best Christmas Day outfit to wear while opening her presents.

Merri a Merry Christmas paper doll

Merri a Merry Christmas paper doll

Merri would make a great stocking stuffer or be used as a quiet time activity for your child. There are earlier Christmas Paperdolls as well. They would all like to play so please feel free to download them.

Christmas Papers in red, green and yellow

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I created these Christmas Papers because I wanted something different from eveything traditional. Snow flakes and ornaments are not on these pages, just the suggestion of snow flakes being picked up on the wind. Feel free to use them for your personal art.

red christmas background

green christmas background

yellow christmas backgroud

Wooden Spool Ornaments and an Inspirational Advent Calendar Wreath

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These pieces were all made for the ArtForTheCreativeMind Yahoo group. The three wooden spools had a mind of their own and my muse just went with the flow. I had originally wanted all white and light blue and glittery spools, but they told me they wanted to look a bit like French vintage. So French vintage it was. I used large beads and small as well as cord and wire for the hangers, even a pipe cleaner. Some French vintage papers helped give the ‘French’ feel to them.

Wooden Spool Ornaments

My advent calendar wreath was another piece that grew as I made it. I knew I wanted the Matryoshka dolls to be a part of it. First the pattern had to be drawn and I chose to create that in Photoshop Elements which made it easy to create the little faces. Christmas papers were used for the outfits. Finding the right size of prints became a difficult task as many of the paper’s designs were too large. I then glued them onto black card and created 25 different inspirational words instead of numbers for each December day until Christmas. These little dolls can be removed from the wreath to be used as tags at a later date.

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Circus Wagons …. “Come to the Circus”

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circus wagons

This is my first 3D piece. Circus wagons made from salt boxes …. so much fun to do. I cut out the windows on each side and taped a flat card inside to make the floor. I then painted the interior black. The outside is all paper card and ribbon. Wheels are buttons which have been glued to little painted wooden pieces. These pieces were then glued to the wagon. The figures were gleaned from on line colouring pages, coloured in Photoshop Elements and then reduced to the small size I needed. There are tigers, bears and lions along with a little trapeze artist. The ringleader is trying valiently to keep control.

ends of the circus wagons

Steampunk Halloween Swap

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Standing on the corner watching all the gouls go by

This little 4×4 card was done for a swap with the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo group. It joins both steampunk and Halloween styles. The background was made with twine glued to a red background. Two old skeletons are just lolling on a brick wall. The pumpkins were sketched and filled with a plaid background, then gears were added. The brick wall is from a local heritage building. Of course the old gents had to have top hats and one has part of a pair of goggles in keeping with the steampunk theme. They were fun to make and when put together that is when the old song came to mind. The skeletons were clip art which I removed part of the art to create the fellows I needed. A fun piece to create.

Sally Steampunk Paper Doll ….. a new paper doll for 2012

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I am back !! A long hiatus while we packed and moved. During those months when I didn’t have enough time to blog I did work on little
Sally. She told me her clothes just had to be steampunk. So here she is: Sally Steampunk. She has lots of clothes to go with any adventures you can think up for her. I hope you have as much fun with Sally as I did in creating her.

Sally Steampunk paper doll

Sally Steampunk paper doll-2

Owls, three of the perkiest little fellows sitting on a branch

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These owls were published in the McCall’s Needlework and Crafts 1965-66 Fall Winter magazine. Made of metal in this version, I can see them made from paper. How cute would they be painted in a border along a chair rail in a country cottage kitchen? Matching cushions on the wooden chairs would be so cute embroidered on linen.


Owls pattern

I have redrawn the owl in Photoshop using layers and then filled with patterns. I then used a different sized stroke around each layer and bevelled each one differently. I then filled the background with black. He is too cute.

Owl created in Photoshop

Printing Plate Images from the Almonte Mill Museum

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My visit to the Almonte Museum last year yielded several wonderful printing plates. I couldn’t resist using them for digital images.

Printing Plate Image

The original plates are the orange plates. I changed the image from colour to black and white and then recoloured them. Faces were left as is and I rotated the others to give a right side up print.

Printing Plate Image

These images could be used on a digital or scanned background, set into transparency to hover above the background and another image set over top of that. Lots of play with these old plates.

Printing Plate Images

You could also transfer the images to fabric to use in your fabric arts or onto paper for a little ATC.

Steampunk …. digital images for your art

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I have seen many stamps where shapes have been used to fill with gears and wheels for a steampunk look. Here are two that I have made using Photoshop shapes and filling with gear brushes. I want to do more animals, especially a turtle …. turtles are my favourite animals

Steampunk circle

A circle filled with wheels and gears … this could adorn either a scanned or digitally created background. It could be given a transparency as well so more layers could be added.

Steampunk Horse

My first Steampunk horse …. I want to add a saddle to this handsome fellow. This horse, done in different colours would look good on a pasture background.

ATC backgrounds for Spring

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ATC backgrounds

It’s amazing what you can do when you capture a piece of a high resolution photo. You can filter and style them until they no longer look like the object they are. I created a page of ATC backgrounds for your Spring creations. These came from earlier photos from the summer of 2011.

Golden Ponies and one handsome Tigger cat

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golden prancing ponies

These handsome ponies started as Photoshop shapes found on I filled them with scratches using the Wacom Bamboo tablet, created the background using more Photoshop shapes and moved the ponies onto the background. Styles created the golden colour, transparency and shadows.


Another handsome fellow is our orange tabby. I caught him looking out the window with this very serene look on his little face. I changed him to black and white and played with shapes and the colour levels in enhancement and from there went to filters and styles.

Embroidered Alphabet

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Another wonderful alphabet to embroider from the McCall’s Christmas transfer book. This one features caps only and would be great used for monographs. A little book to hold and sort sewing machine needles would be a great gift for your quilting mixed media artist friend and would be theirs with their initial on the front cover. A special handkerchief or napkin would be pretty with this alphabet as well as gift tags made for a favourite somebody.