Joy of the Season, December Art Challenge

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The Art Challenge at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio for December was a pleasure to do. It’s hosted by Robyn of Red Dog Designs and she generously shares a mini kit with us each month. I used several of the elements and the blended background papers are from the kit. The tree is from a photo I took after an ice storm and it had the brightest blue sky that I blended away.

Joy of the Season

Half Past Autumn, December’s mini kit

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Half Past Autumn … I love this way of describing the season change between autumn to winter. It is from a poem by Gordon Parks “But I do feel a little teeny right now that I’m just about ready to start, and winter is entering. Half past autumn has arrived.” This kit was created for The Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s December colour challenge with ADB Designs. I have also done a page using ADB Designs pretty little kit and another created with my kit. These photos are from a beautiful autumn day deep in the Ottawa valley.

Ottawa Valley autumn
Page created with ABD Designs mini kit

Page created with my Half Past Autumn kit

Half Past Autumn
Half Past Autumn

LOVE – November Art Challenge at the Digital Scrapbook Studio

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The November Art Challenge at the Digital Scrapbook Studio was all about love. One of Robyn’s kits from her Red Dog Designs was the basis of my page. I blended her flowers and papers, added a brush and a swan. Robert Frost is one of my favourite poets and I thought this kit fit his quote so well.

November Art Challenge entry at Digital Scrapbook Studio

Elephant with Wings tag

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This little Elephant tag was done for the November tag swap on the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo group. I placed my wings as ears on my little baby elephant in Dumbo fashion. The background is watercolour with a cheesecloth cloud and washi tape borders. Ribbons and fluffy yarn along with some beads hang from the tag to gussy the little fellow up.

Elephant with Wings

Generous Hearts journal page

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November’s journal page for the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo group is all about generosity whether it is lots of hearts or other generous thoughts you may have. I chose both. Lots of hearts on my page along with the fact that you can find generosity if you go and look for it, whether thoughts or deeds they are all about us. My textures for the heart were a map, a dictionary page and a handwritten page, all symbols of ‘looking for something’ and to finish them off I embossed transparent dragon flies onto them. They always amaze me with their flitting from one thing to another as they ‘look’ through their little world.

Generous Hearts Journal Page

Tribute to our Fallen Soldier, Oct 22, 2014

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The cowardly shooting and death of the brave soldier, Frank Cirillo, guarding the unknown soldier’s tomb, the morning of Oct 22, 2014 has put the city of Ottawa in mourning. This is a tribute to Cpl Cirillo and others who die senseless deaths in these crazy times we call modern life…. Soldiers leave behind family, mothers, fathers, wives and children. How do we help them understand? How do we understand things that don’t make any sense? Sleep in peace Cpl Cirillo.

Tribute to a fallen soldier.

In My Castle, Wonky Houses journal page

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A little journal page created for the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo Group. When I first read about this swap I was interested, I love wonky houses of all kinds. My houses are not only wonky but happy. The background is water colour crayons, the chimney smoke is an embossed stamp of flowers (just right for my happy houses) and a bit of trim added for whimsy.

In My Castle, Wonky Houses journal page

Autumn Whispers

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October’s colour challenge at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio brought us a beautiful colour palette to play with. Autumn colours with a muted look to them which reminded me of many days just before Halloween when it is frosty but still loaded with wonderful warm hues and breezy whispers of the leaves in the trees. I added a little mask and two owls to bring in the Halloween season.

Autumn Whispers
Autumn Whispers

Doodles, Circles and Whatnots

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These little 4×4 Art cards, done for the Art For The Creative Mind Yahoo group, were so much fun to do. The background is metallic copper paint with a border of metallic blue paint and a matching alcohol ink. The copper is for the changing trees and the blue ink is for the bright blue skies surrounding the trees that appears in the Autumn. Both cards were drawn freehand so are a bit different. Once has something extra … can you spot it?

Doodle, Circles and WhatnotsDoodles, circles and whatnots

Dancing my Song, if I had my dream

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October’s journal page at The Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo group was all about following your dream. Dancing to my own music, to my own song has always been my dream. I try to do that at least a little bit each and every day. This journal page is my inner child and I added my grey hair. Although dancing these days is not as easy as it was when I was younger, it is in my dreams.

Dancing my Song

Quilting Memories

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Quilting Memories is the third and last mini kit created for the Digital Scrapbooking Studio site during their New Designer Challenge in September. My grandmother made me a Dresdan Plate quilt as a wedding present over 45 years ago. It is now a beloved heirloom. When I want to be closer to her I wrap myself in this quilt and remember all the wonderful, loving times we had together. This little mini kit could also be used for a Christmas layout. Don’t forget to download the alphabet in the second download.

Quilting Memories

Quilting Memories

Quilting Memories alphabet

Mama’s Button Bag, more memories of times past

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Sitting with my mother’s button bag could amuse me for hours when I was young. How I loved all those colourful buttons, running my fingers through them, building them up into towers and spreading them out again to start over again. This is the second of three kits created for the Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s Birthday challenge for 2014.
Mama's Button Bag
Mama’s Button Bag

Grandma’s Garden Memories

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Grandma’s Garden Memories was created for the Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s birthday bash, week 1 using two of the Pantone autumn colour palette. The blue and green reminded me so much of the morning glories that used to grow on my grandmother’s porch when I was just a toddler. I can still recall the heat of summer, sitting under the shade of the flowers and leaves, hearing the buzz of the bees as they flew in and out and a wonderful, peaceful, secure feeling. So this little kit is all about my grandmother and that day on her porch.

Grandma's Garden Memories
Grandma’s Garden Memories

September is “Apple Cider Time”, an autumn mini kit

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September is all about apples …. apple pie, cider, vinegar. When Pixel Scrappers challenge was ‘red’ what better than apples; apples in red, green and yellow. Don’t forget the cozy warmth of plaid flannels and felt in the Autumn air. Put them together and you have a great little kit for all those ‘playing in the leaves’ photos.

Apple Cider Time

Apple Cider Elements
Apple Cider Papers

Only papers, a Pixel Scrappers September challenge

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These are papers created for other kits that were not used. When this challenge was listed I thought it was a great way of adding them as a kit. They all will match one of the other kits I have made.

Only Papers package
These papers are in two links so don’t forget to click on both
Only Papers package 1
Only Papers pakage 2

Love Music, Love to Dance mini kit for September

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The colour challenge at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio with ADB Designs is a great big mega kit with one theme for each of the mini kits … love music, love to dance. This little kit got my toes tapping.

Love Music, Love to Dance

Love to Dance, Love Music

It is the Studio’s birthday month and there are lots of activities, come in and join. You will find the rest of the links to the mega kit and other lovely pieces atDigital Scrapbooking Studio Don’t delay though, many of the links will be gone in October.

Reaching for the Moon, a journal page

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This little journal page was created for the Art for the Creative Mind Yahoo group. Whimsical Me was the subject and only guideline for this 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch page.

Whimsical Me journal page, Reaching for the Moon

The background is an ombre tissue paper. Tissue paper is a great way to get a brightly coloured background quickly. I covered it with gel to keep it from bleeding. A simple coating of clear glitter glue went on top of that with some pearlized water paints stenciled into the corners. The green cheese moon is a piece of water colour card. My little girl with the wistful look was traced from a vintage fairytale book using my Wacom Bamboo tablet in PSE 11. I then printed onto a dictionary page and coloured with water colour crayons. Once she was dry I redrew the black lines and outlined her in grey gel pen. The words were printed on a piece of textured resume paper and torn before being pasted onto the piece. Everything was covered with another layer of gel to preserve it.

Cat Attitude !! Lets celebrate our cats and summer, they were made for each other

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Cats and their attitudes are incredibly funny. These little furry people each have their own singular personalities and want their own way each and every time. If it doesn’t go their own way they will surely let you know immediately. I think cats and summer were made for each other, lolling in the sun and absorbing every ray than can find or chasing sun moats and shadows. I wonder what they are dreaming of? Daisies and hollyhocks? Grasshoppers and crickets?

Cat Attitude !!


Sky, Sand and Seagulls ATCs

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These ATCs were created for the Art for the Creative Mind Yahoo Group. I love getting sand between my toes and wiggling them around, it feels sooo good

Sky, Sand and Seagulls ATC

The first little card has a sky made with an ombre tissue paper, torn into pieces, a washer painted copper for the sun. Sandpaper creates the sand and a piece of fine, glittery tulle on top. The gull, phrase and footprints were printed onto a piece of transparency and stapled onto the background.

Sky, Sand and Seagulls ATC

This second card has a sky made from denim wallpaper and two different types of sandpaper. I wish I was there putting my footprints in the sand.

Mid Summer’s Day mini kit for the colour challenge at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio

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Summer is almost gone !!!!! …. see me crying in the rain …. I know many of you are burning up with the heat but we have had a very rainy, wet and dull summer here in Ottawa. Fortunately there have been a few peeks of sun out now and then. I am celebrating those few days with a bright and sunny mini kit for the Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s August colour challenge. Won’t you join us here. Butterflies, a journal card and two bright tags along with lots of summery papers to put together your summer adventures. Plus I’ve added a pretty frame for your favourite photo and a big glittery sun for all those hot, hot, hot photo days of fun.

Mid Summer's Day mini kit
Mid Summer’s Day

Art Challenges at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio

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This is a new challenge at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio which started in June. The Studio offers a free mini kit to use or not, your choice and a prompt. Here are my June , July and August submissions. Come in and join us, it is a fun and friendly place … Digital Scrapbooking Studio

June Art Challenge at the Studio

Yellow was the prompt for the first Art Challenge in June. This dragon and hand image is the one I created for my fabric collage for the Arts for the Creative Mind Yahoo Group. I so love how the little dragon sits in the hand so beautifully. I can imagine that little tail curling around my own hand as I walk through the sunflowers.

Joy, July Challenge at the Studio

Imagine, Invent, Create was the prompt for July. I chose Joy because that is where I go when I am creating, inventing and imagining. The silhouette is one I created from a magazine ad. I loved this silhouette because she runs with sweet abandon. I would love to just let go and run through a field of butterflies, daisies and buttercups.

August Challenge at the Studio

Books is this month’s prompt and as soon as I saw it I thought of the old Book of Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson and the images of children absorbed by the wonderful stories in their books. That is how I remember feeling when I first learned to read. I haven’t put a book down since. I love reading and feel books are always going to be around, even if they are published digitally.

Pass the Kit challenge for July at Pixel Scrappers

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For the challenge for July at Pixel Scrappers everybody was split into three teams, four people to a team …. here is the Team one kit …. you can download my part here and the others from their blogs as well. The links are below the previews

Pass the Kit, Cotton Arts Boutique portion

Pass the Kit, Cotton Arts Boutique portion

Here is the full preview for group 1

Pass the Kit challenge

Rose Thorn Designs
Joys Creations
Dream 4ever Designs

Check out the other 2 teams’ kits July 31 Pixel Scrappers Pass the Kit

You can check out the Pixel Scrappers site. You will find wonderful layouts and if you join lots and lots of free stuff for your next digital or print out scrapbook and great tutorials and discussion as well.

Artimagus the Adorable or Arty for short

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Arty is a little dragon who blows bubbles rather than breathing fire and is adorable. The White Knight of Flowers found him sleeping and blowing bubbles under a sunflower hiding from the Black Knight of Shadows. You can read his story below. The arm was scanned from an ad and the little dragon came from a free Dover image from an old storybook. Photoshop allowed me to make them one.

Artimagus the Adorable fabric collage

This is Arty’s story. Before I had finished the piece he was whispering in my ear, telling me who he was and all about him. If you ever see a sunflower field, stop and watch for the bubbles floating by …. it will be the White Knight of Flowers and his companion Arty. Don’t forget to say hello.

Artigamus the Adorable story

This little fabric collage was created for a swap on the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo Group. If you like swapping and are working with mixed media come on over and take a look. The link is listed on the side links.

Is it time to sit and have a cup of Rose Hip Tea ? Yes, I think it is

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The colour challenge at the Scrapbooking Studio for July was a choice of colours for a monotone theme. I chose to use the wild roses from my wild flower garden. And if we have wild roses we have rose hips which make a beautiful tea, so pull up a chair, relax and have a cup of tea with me. The tea pot and cups were done with the templates from the Pixel Scrappers site.

Rose Hip Tea scrapbok mini kit

Rose Hip Tea elements
Rose Hip Tea papers

Country Charm, one more mini kit for the Pixel Scrapper site

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This little kit was created for another challenge. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do until I came across the vintage pattern for the little cottage. I redid and adapted it for digital and then the rest of the kit fell into place along with the choice of colours. For the frame I created a scottie dog block pattern from a another vintage quilting pattern with lots of little squares to fill with your favourite snaps.

Country Charm mini scrapbook kit

Country Charm scrapbook kit

Bubble Bath, a June mini kit for Pixel Scrappers site

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This little basically blue kit was created for a Pixel Scrappers June challenge …. the challenge included the colour blue and bubbles. The rose and sunflower papers remind me of vintage wallpaper. I included some blue glass bottles and three lacy ribbons. The lace and bottles were created especially for this little kit.

Bubble Bath mini kit elements

Bubble Bath elements

Bubble Bath papers preview

Bubble Bath papers

Butterfly Skies Mini Kit just in time for your summer photos

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June is the month of butterflies. When I was a child there were so many we could run in them and they would flutter and fly all around us, unfortunately we will be lucky to see 3 in one day. In memory of those wonderful sunny, summer days is this kit created for the Scrapbook Studio’s June challenge. Personal use only please.

Butterfly Skies PU mini kit

Butterfly Skies

Sunny Days, a June mini kit for Pixel Scrapper

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The latest challenge for the Pixel Scrapper site, created during a high stress time has lots of whimsy with owls, dragonflies and butterflies and of course a great big sun. The little purple owl is a bit peculiar, he does not know which way is up and which way is down. As always it is for personal use only.

Sunny Days

Sunny Days elements

Sunny Days papers

Two seasonal and two beautiful overlays for creating your own papers and tags

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Pixel Scrapper has a designer call for words and fonts and since I will not have time to create new ones I am adding four pages that I have created earlier. One spring, one winter. Personal use only on all four overlays please.

Spring overlay

Winter-snowflake overlay

Here are two more, one states “I am beautiful” and the other is all about the word ‘beautiful’. Grab all four and tuck the seasonal ones away for a few months.

I am beautiful overlay

Beautiful is overlay

You could also transfer these to fabric and sew a pillow for a loved one’s room to remind them that they are beautiful. The winter snowflake page would be great printed on fabric and framed for your seasonal decoration.

Vintage dragonflies and butterflies for your mixed media projects

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These dragonflies and butterflies are more images from old books. At 300 ppi they will be great as digital stamps or printed off on an letter sized sheet or card. They would also be great transferred or embroidered on homespun and framed.

Vintage dragon flies and butterflies

Fanny Dankworth-Coldbath, a Steampunk Goddess Paper Doll

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Fanny is a paper doll created for the Art For The Creative Mind Yahoo group. She is wearing her finest suede vest, hat, boots and wristlet with lots of gears and beads and her best silk skirt. She is gathering together for an evening of fun at the annual God and Goddess Convention and ready to party !!

Steampunk Goddess Fanny Dankworth-Coldbath

Fanny is made of chipboard with a black velvet covering. Her suede hat, vest, boots and wristlet are made from the backing of an old belt, the gears are washers. I created the doll and then dressed her one piece at a time, building up the wardrobe. I found her name here: Steampunk name generator