Bicycle Holidays, a time of days gone by

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People used to ride bicycles everywhere. You could stop and smell the flowers along the way and take in the sights as well, maybe have a picnic basket with you. The slow days of summer were enjoyed then. Now those days just seem to rush into each other without much notice. This kit was done for the colour challenge with ADB Designs at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio site.

Bicycle holidays
Bicycle Holidays

May 22, 2014, progressive scrap, June 2015

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June’s progressive scrap challenge at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio brought us a wonderful male themed scrapbook kit to play with. I have been waiting with these photos of my hubby’s knee surgery for a year and knew they would be perfect together. I created the runner profile from a scanned picture last year and it was perfect for this kit.

May 22, 2014

Painted pages for journals

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I found a box of printable sticky labels at a Value Village the other day and the first thing I thought of doing was to paint on one of these pages. I just randomly painted, stamped, wrote and painted some more until the page was filled without worrying about composition. This page can now be torn or cut into sections when I need a bit of something on a journal page, the backing pulled off and stuck straight onto the page. I am now working on another using left over paint etc to cover it. When it’s full I will have another page. I loved just getting down and arty without having to worry about whether something looks balanced or the colours merge properly simply because it doesn’t matter. I can also use the image for digital pieces over and over without destroying the original piece.

painted sheet for journals

Sometimes dreams come true, day dream challenge

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Gabbi’s Creation gave us this beautiful Daydreams mini kit for the challenge at the Just Art site. I used a photo of the castle and created the sketch effect by first putting it through the poster edges filter and then using blending modes until I got the effect I wanted. The flowers in the kit were also blended to create a fireworks blossom to go with the fireworks in the photo.

Sometimes dreams do come true

Romance at the Movies, May Progressive Scrap at the Studio

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The Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s progressive scrap brought us this beautiful kit to work with. The drama the deep colours created reminded me of vintage movie posters. Here are some of my favourite stars from those years when drama was Queen.

May Progressive Scrap

Reflections of you with Jeanne Oliver for Life Book 2015

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My latest piece for Life Book 2015 was so much fun. Jeane Oliver had us scanning magazines for patterns to tear and add to our page. I am a pattern junky and have been saving patterns for years as well as creating them in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. She also took us through using a transfer as well as a printed copy of ourselves as a base. I do not own a laser printer so opted on a painted face and stamps for this piece.

Reflections of you

Ocean Bottom ATCs for the AFTCM yahoo group

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I love creating ATCs … these were made for the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo Group. Pearled water paints on home made paper made the background. The angel fish and the sea horse were made with a stencil and a mix of modeling paste and acrylics. Seaweed was pulled from a piece of shiny cord and the bottom was made with a piece of burlap.

Ocean Bottom ATCs

Light and Shadow, Apple with Tamara Laporte

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This week’s Life Book 15 lesson brought us a discussion about light and shadow with Lynn Whipple plus a lesson on light and shadow while drawing an apple with Tamara Laporte. This was another fun lesson, as I love light and shadow which adds so much depth to a piece. Thanks to Tamara I am becoming comfortable with graphite and using it as an art medium rather than just as a pencil for getting a sketch down on paper. I ordered a graphite stick and used it for the first time on this piece and I love the freedom the stick gives me.

Light and Shadow, Apple

Vintage bird plates

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Bird plates, I love vintage birds pages…the images are always so colourful. Here are four that again come from an old vintage book out of copywrite. They are 4 inches in length and perfect for your swaps. Personal use on this page as well please, no commercial uses.

Vintage bird plates

Forest Glade, a poem

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Forest Glade is a another compilation of photos from the Morgue Files site. I just can’t seem to stop doing these, it’s like a kid in a sandbox with lots of toys. I just opened up several photos I liked, picked the forest for the background. Blending modes and transparency were used on every layer along with some Gaussian blur.

Forest Glade

Vintage Central European Costume images

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These images are free to use for your personal use. If you want to use one for a swap that’s fine too but not for sale. Each image is 4 inches high and big enough to use on most swap pieces. The colours are fantastic but the images themselves are a bit soft which will bring a grungy and worn look to anything you may use them on.

Central European Costumes

Shattered dreams of an old man

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This piece was also created using photos from the morgue files site Morgue Files. When I first found this photo of the old man I knew I had to create something with his image. He has a wonderful face, full of time and history. Again filters and blending modes as well as transparencies were added to make the dream state. Is there one of us who has not had our dreams changed or shattered along the way and morph or change as we grow older ?

Shattered dreams

Home, where my heart resides

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Home was created for the ‘scrap a word’ challenge at the Just Art site. I used images gleaned from the morgue files site Morgue Files. Filters, blending modes, transparencies and colour curves were all used in this piece. The sparkles are a brush provided with my PSE 11. This is a joyful piece full of romance and mist just as home should always be.

Home is where the heart resides

Unraveling through mark making with Jenny Doh

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We were introduced to Jenny Doh earlier in the year with an interview and this week we watched her play with her paints and inks. Awesome playfulness became this Fantastical Awesome Gilded Awk … not Auk because my guy is awkward but splendid. I turned my page and he came calling. He whispered that he was a gilded awk and of course I had to oblige. His little buddies came about after I had thought I had finished and was drying the piece. Out they came with their part of the story.

Fantastical Awesome Awk

Rubber Stamp brushes for your grungy creations

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I have carved several rubber stamps for my mixed media pieces and then thought they may work well for digital grunge type creations so made the brushes. Feel free to use them for your experiments and personal use but please do not distribute them in a package or claim them as your own. They were created in PSE 11 and are high resolution at 600 ppi.

Rubber stamp brushes
Rubbert Stamp Brushes

Behold the Duck by Ogden Nash, one more for the quote challenge at Just Arts site

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This page was done with the kit so generously given to us by Robyn of Red Dog Designs. The only piece that didn’t come with the kit is the duck tail although it was created with one of the papers. Lots of filters and transparencies went into this piece and some colour changes as well. A lot of fun to create .. thanks Robyn !!

Behold the Duck, Ogden Nash

Stamping Light and Shadow with Jessica Swift, Lifebook 2015

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Carving stamps is one of my favourite things to do. Making stamps of any kind is a blast and you know what you get is what you are looking for because you made it that way. The play of light and dark blues is a perfect setting for these carved stamps. Once one stamp was carved I turned it over and created another on the back. Not as detailed and deep as the original but fun just the same. Value is the word I picked for Life Book this year … to remind me to value myself as much as I value everybody else. That’s not selfish, but self preservation so I can serve those around me and keep on doing it.

Stamping Light and Shadow with Jessica Swift

Road Less Traveled, Robert Frost, a digital mixed media piece

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Robert Frost is one of my favourite poets and this poem, A road less traveled is a favourite. I try to take that less traveled road as often as I can. This piece was done for an May challenge at the Just Art site. We could not use an image or photo. I used water colour brushes, brushes I created from old out of copywrite books, filters and transparency. The colours were used from a Copic colour palette, I love how vibrant and real the look in the piece.

Road less travelled

April Progressive Scrap at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio

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April brought us very pretty pieces from that month’s mega kit. It was perfect for my flower garden…the bees in the photos are highlighted as they fly through my white snapdragons from last year with their legs loaded with pollen. I love all the flowers we were given to play with.

Progressive Scrap final april

Here’s looking at you kid with Kristen Van Valkenburgh, Lesson 18, Life Book 2015

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This lesson with Kristen Van Valkenburgh took us back to our younger selves when we would just play with absolutely no boundaries, just for the joy of it. I loved just letting go and working on this piece. I at first used a more recent photo and worked with it but I didn’t like what I had created … it wasn’t free enough. I started over with this little photo from my first school years and I was able to be back there again and play.

Here's looking at you kid

First challenge at the Just Art site

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The first challenge posted by Robyn of Red Dog Designs was to use at least one of the 4 edge overlays she gave us. I had already created a background from a crackle paint piece for my fat book page earlier in the year. I used two of the edge overlays … Pretty Edgy One Edges 2 and 3 and changed the colour of my background to match the photo that comes next.

Challenge 1 at the Just Art site

This is the next step of the piece I created. I’ve always loved this photo I took at the museum of the cave drawing. The earthy colours along with the background rock is magnificent and I knew I’d use it and want to play with it. I selected the image using a feathered edge of 118 to give a soft opening to show the crackle background and moved it onto the background.

Challenge 1 at the Just Art site

Happy Painting with Juliette Crane on Life Book 2015

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Theses two little critters were so much fun to do. As soon as I saw this lesson I knew I had to do a dragon and both the owl and the dragon are busy whispering in my ear and will soon have names and stories to go with their new found images. I forgot to add the second wing to my owl but she’s cute none the less and the little dragon looks like he’s trying very hard to look just like his great big daddy.

Happy Painting owlHappy Painting Dragon

Mosaic Mask for Photoshop Elements

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At the new Just Art, a digital art and scrapbooking site we were discussing mosaic filters but in Photoshop Elements the technique for using this filter on a layers mask is not possible without creating the mask first. I have created this one to test out how well it would work using a black and white image, putting it through the mosaic filter and using that as your mask. This is how it turned out. I changed the mask colour to one of the sky colours and used the multiply filter on it as well. I am including the mask if you would like to try it yourself, just right click and save to download it. The photo I used is of our Canadian Parliament Buildings taken from the back, across the Ottawa River at the Museum. It is an interesting effect. The link for the new site is: Just Art . Come on over if you want to share and learn with the rest of us, you will be welcomed.

Ottawa Parliament Buildings with mosaic mask

Mosaic mask 1

Feel, a journal page honouring trees

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Trees have always been a favourite of mine. They do so much for us and share everything they have whether it is their life’s blood …. sap …. or their fruit …. nuts, apples … and they breathe for us, cleaning our planet each and every day. What do we do to them? We cut them down in outstanding numbers. Do they feel the teeth of the saw cutting through them? We don’t really know because we can’t read their “language” and they can’t tell us. I feel they must. How can they not? On this page I have drawn a ghost tree to represent all the trees that we have obliterated on our quest for progress. The two trees in the foreground were stamped using stamps I cut from foam, the leaves were done with modeling paste that I covered with pastel chalk after the paste had dried. I used gel medium to cover them which smeared the chalk and created the depth of a forest just budding out in the spring.

Feel, honuring trees

In the Moment with Jenny Wentworth, Life Book 2015

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These two little ladies were created from lesson 17 with Jenny Wentworth. It is amazing to feel an actual person appear under your fingers. My two both look a little like they have toothaches and they are not perfect but then who is and getting it perfect is not the goal ever. I think they have character and a story to tell me. I am starting to trust the process and can now work and rework a piece without feeling like I’m going to crawl out of my skin. I am learning from so many different artists. This is the art course for anybody who wants to have fun, maybe do a little soul searching, meet some wonderful artists and learn a whole lot of techniques along the way.

Life Book Lesson 17Life Book Lesson 17

We all live in a Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine ….

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Yellow and bright were the guidelines for April’s 4×4 fat book page at the Art For the Creative Mind yahoo group. I went right to the Beatles yellow submarine. I love both the movie and the song and when I found the psychedelic paisley washi tape in my stash I knew that is what it had to be. Added some glitz and glitter to finish it off.

Yellow Submarine April Yellow 4x4

Field Journaling with Alisa Burke, Life Book 2015

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Lesson 14 of Life Book 2015 brought us Alisa Burke and journaling while in the field using water colours, acrylic paint, pencils and fine line markers. I didn’t concern myself with composition on these pieces but concentrated on the sketches themselves. Drawing mainly with markers rather than a pencil was a challenge. I chose the colours of Prince Edward Island beaches … the deep red/browns of the dunes, green of the grass on the dune tops and the blues and pinks of a sunset/sunrise. It is the beautiful island of Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery.

Field Journaling Life Book 2015 FeathersField Journaling Life Book 2015 Shells

Time challenge, Life Book Lesson 16 with Alena Hennesy

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What a great lesson with Alena. We got our hands down and dirty with paint creating marks and working the background and when we finished with that we then went on to bring out a drawing on top. I used a brush pen to create the flowers and sun. We were also to challenge ourselves with a 10 minute time deadline. Anybody who knows me knows I can’t do that …I am the proverbial turtle. I get things done but can’t do it quickly so I didn’t stress myself out trying to fit my art into the time frame.

Time Challenge Time Challenge

Baby Love, a scrapbook kit for your little spring babies

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Baby Love has a wonderful and soft palette. It is another kit done for the colour challenge over at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio with Dianne of ADB Designs. I decided that Sun Bonnet Sue and Sam needed to be part of this baby theme along with the Dresden Plate quilt. Happy scrapping !!

Baby Love scrapbook kit
Baby Love

Trust is the glue of life …..

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The March journal page for the Art of the Creative Mind yahoo group was ‘trust’ with a nature theme. I created a field of spring tree blossoms. The background was painted with watercolour crayons on gesso. The tree blossoms are modeling paste and stencils. I then painted the birds, leaves, grass and tree trunks with acrylics and the clouds are a bit of sponged gesso. I added a bit of sparkle just as there would be on a bright spring day.

Trust is the glue of life

Clay horses have dreams too, created for the Just Art Challenge on Facebook

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The first month for the Just Art Challenge on Facebook brought us a challenge to use a coloured image along with outlines of that same image. There have been some wonderful pieces done. This is my piece along with a sample of different filters and effects done in PSE 11. The terra cotta horse was one on display at our museum several years ago. I fell in love with the fellow which is approximately the size of a pony. An amazing piece of art. I used a filter from the sketch series, a background, two horse shapes along with some effects and transparencies and the brushes in eraser mode to first bring out the clay horse and then to take away some of the background of the horse image.

Clay horses have dreams too

This is a sample I did using several different filters and effects before working on the piece itself. I did not however, use brushes on this piece. The original image without filters is in the middle.

Part photo-partsketch examples

Inner Artist Guardian with Tamara Laporte

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Meet my Inner Artist Guardian, a painting lesson for week 11 with Tamara Laporte. She will protect me from my inner artistic self when she decides to listen to her inner critic. I did not focus much on the background because I want to concentrate on painting the faces. When I first started working with a 2B pencil on top of the paint I wasn’t sure I like it but as I get used to working this way and leaving behind all my ideas of using pencil and different kinds of paint in one portrait I am loving it. Sketching is my first love and this combines paint and sketching so all is good.

Inner Artist Guardian

Spring, a little 4×4 for the Art for the Creative Mind Yahoo group

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Spring … how I wish it were actually here … no more snow ! Please !! …. the background is corrugated cardboard that has a layer of gesso, a layer of water colour crayon and then another layer of gesso brayered on …. I love how the last gesso layer picked up the lines of the corrugation. The bird and butterfly were cut from a piece of watercolour paper that I had used as a palette for something else … waste not, want not …. the picket fence was made from tags cut with a die.

Spring 4x4 fat book page

Affirmation page, “I am Beautiful”

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This journal page was done last year for the Art for the Creative Mind group. The theme was ‘affirmation’ which to me meant affirming that no matter what I am beautiful … each and every one of us on this earth is beautiful. I used a combination of acrylic paint, white glue and cornstarch to create the texture of the silhouette.

Affirmation, I am beautiful

Joys of Spring, a little scrapbook kit

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This kit was created for the colour challenge over at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio with Dianne of ADB Designs. I also created a layout using Dianne’s kit. I love the soft colours of this month’s challenge and creating with the palette was a ‘joy’

Colour challenge layout
Pretty Lady, my layout for Dianne’s colour challenge for March

Joys of Spring
Joys of Spring

Week 11 of Life Book 2015 with Jane Davenport

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This was an interesting exercise and I definitely want to do more of these. Jane’s lesson had us create just the top part of a figure but when I saw this poppy tissue paper I knew she needed a dress of poppies so went for a half-sized figure instead. My faces are getting better but when I was finished I found she looks a bit cock-eyed. This is somewhat like I look when I first get up in the morning … especially my hair lol

Week 11 of Life Book 2015