Vikki Pignatelli’s Quilting by Improvisation

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null Quilting by Improvisation: Exploring Curves, Openwork and Dimention by Vikki Pignatelli. Published by Dragon Threads, 2006.…….. Vikki creates beautiful, bold landscapes using new techniques that capture your imagination. She passes along her keen understanding of colour and fabrics. Chapter 2 has the best instruction on colour I have read. Through the chapters she covers tools, fabrics and technique. There are lots of stunning photos and step-by-step guides. This book is a must have for anybody who wants to take their quilting to the next step and into the realm of art.

Kit Nicol’s “Painting with Thread…..Embroidered Pictures to Make and Cherish”

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nullPainting with thread……Embroidered pictures to make and cherish by Kit Nicol.  This book was published in 2000 by Collins & Brown of Great Britain.  Kit Nicol brings her paintings to life through paint and embroidery.  Her tutorials begin with designing your own sketches using colours and paint.  She covers materials required and different techniques using several kinds of thread and stitches including 3-D effects. The stitch tutorials are very clear with lots of photos and illustrations. The book includes 14 sketches from landscapes to human expression including the fountain on the front cover.

Kaffe Fassett’s “Quilt Romance”

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null Kaffe Fassett is renowned for colour and design. Knitters, needlework artists and quilters among others all know and love his work. He has designed his own fabrics since 1996. I was first introduced to Kaffe’s designs through a knitting show on PBS and now am the proud owner of several of his books. Quilt Romance, published in 2009 has the greatest, brightest quilts imaginable, all set out on gates, bridges and buildings in the Portmeirion Village in Whales Portmeirion alone is a good reason to buy this book, add the quilts and you have a masterpiece. The photos literally sing to you as you turn page after page after page, 20 quilts in all. Clear instructions with full size templates and a catalogue of the fabrics used in the quilts are all included. Happy quilting everyone.

If you are not a fiber or textile artist but still want your heart to sing check out Kaffe’s website at: Quilt Romance can be purchased at at

Valerie Hearder’s “Points of View “

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Valerie Hearder is a Canadian quilt artist who has written 2 books on landscape quilting. She travels to South Africa, purchases textiles made by the Grandmother-to-Grandmother Campaign, donating 15% of the proceeds to the campaign. Also see her blog:

Points of View is Valerie’s latest book. Valerie starts at the beginning with tips on what types of fabrics you will want to use in your landscapes, equipment that eases your journey through your personal masterpieces and how to get started. She includes lessons in creating basic landscapes, how to put together each piece as well as adding techniques throughout each chapter. You will learn how to colour your own fabrics using transfer dyes, fabric crayons, oil paint sticks and coloured pencils. The lessons are all well documented, photographed and easy to understand. I suggest you read through the whole book before trying a creation of your own….you won’t want to miss a step or technique that will make your landscape quilt shine.