Art Challenges at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio

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This is a new challenge at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio which started in June. The Studio offers a free mini kit to use or not, your choice and a prompt. Here are my June , July and August submissions. Come in and join us, it is a fun and friendly place … Digital Scrapbooking Studio

June Art Challenge at the Studio

Yellow was the prompt for the first Art Challenge in June. This dragon and hand image is the one I created for my fabric collage for the Arts for the Creative Mind Yahoo Group. I so love how the little dragon sits in the hand so beautifully. I can imagine that little tail curling around my own hand as I walk through the sunflowers.

Joy, July Challenge at the Studio

Imagine, Invent, Create was the prompt for July. I chose Joy because that is where I go when I am creating, inventing and imagining. The silhouette is one I created from a magazine ad. I loved this silhouette because she runs with sweet abandon. I would love to just let go and run through a field of butterflies, daisies and buttercups.

August Challenge at the Studio

Books is this month’s prompt and as soon as I saw it I thought of the old Book of Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson and the images of children absorbed by the wonderful stories in their books. That is how I remember feeling when I first learned to read. I haven’t put a book down since. I love reading and feel books are always going to be around, even if they are published digitally.

Is it time to sit and have a cup of Rose Hip Tea ? Yes, I think it is

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The colour challenge at the Scrapbooking Studio for July was a choice of colours for a monotone theme. I chose to use the wild roses from my wild flower garden. And if we have wild roses we have rose hips which make a beautiful tea, so pull up a chair, relax and have a cup of tea with me. The tea pot and cups were done with the templates from the Pixel Scrappers site.

Rose Hip Tea scrapbok mini kit

Rose Hip Tea elements
Rose Hip Tea papers

More ATCs … made for Random Acts of Kindness mailings

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These were made with leftover bits of everything I had in my stash …. it was a lot of fun to see these come together one little bit at a time, no two alike

first set of two ATCs

The top card was made with a piece of leftover embossed card as the base. Little tangles of threads along with an extra ‘A’ and flower from previous swaps and lots of leftover glitter in the corner are glued on and held in place by a piece of acrylic held on with brads. The lower card’s background was created with leftover roses from the napkins I used for my journal pages. The word ‘friends’ was in my stash as well and although it’s colour was close to the roses it didn’t stand out so I outlined in silver and of course a little bling on the corner.

second set of ATCs

Here is the second set, made in the same way as the first two but with different little bit and pieces. These little cards can become addictive.

Sisters ….. vintage photos of my sister and I

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When the ATC theme of sisters came up on the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo group, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had these two great photos of my sister and I when we were very young in Toronto. I’m the little blonde. One was taken with us dressed in our ballet tutus and the other in dresses made by my grandmother. She was one of the best artists with a needle I know. She could take a bit of this and a bit of that and make wonderful outfits for us. The little kitten in that photo just did not want to be there….I can still remember the scratches even now.

I gave us both new outfits in Photoshop Elements along with Princess crowns…lots of glimmer and bits of threads as well.


These dresses had bright red trim and buttons … I loved this dress and wore my sister’s hand-me-down as well. The front bib bodice was pleated as well…where the bruises were I added band aids and another pair of Princess crowns of course. These were so much fun to do as they brought me back to the early years.

sisters, backs
These are the backs of the ATCs … I create a back that is interesting and holds all the information as well. The front of a piece is not the only canvas to cover and it is always important to sign your work.