Wanda and her cat Twinkles, a Hallowe’en paper doll

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Wanda wants to go trick or treating this year for Hallowe’en. She has her witches costume all ready and Twinkles her cat is all dressed up too. Won’t you take her trick or treating with you this year? Finish her story. What will she gather when she is out? Which friends will she meet? What will happen if a goblin asks for a trick in exchange for a treat?
Wanda and Twinkles

October colour challenge at The Studio

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Our Tiggy cat on a page using The Studios little free kit. Isn’t he handsome. I created a mini kit and an add on for this challenge.

This page was made with the mini kit I designed. A dramatic page that shows our late Tigger at his best, watching out our window for the birds, squirrels and chipmunks that come to visit.

This is the mini kit I created for the October colour challenge at The Studio. I added lots of glitter to the beautiful rich colours.
October Mini Kit

The kit

Working on the kit using the beautiful colours I found I couldn’t stop. Here is a little add on to go with the mini kit
October mini kit add on

The add on

Venice, the city of love and dreams, another scrapbook kit

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Last week of the challenge and a dream vacation. My choice would always be Venice. Katherine Hepburn in the movie Summer, taking a vacation in Venice and finding love if only for a fleeting second while looking for some matching Venetian red glasses. I have added the red glasses and a cafe table, a gondola and the ‘city of canals’ painting. The painting was gleaned from the Getty Museum. http://www.getty.edu/about/opencontent.html

Dream Vacation, Venice

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Staycation, the third week scrapbook kit

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Choosing a place for the third week of the challenge was difficult. The Ottawa Valley is populated with beautiful old historic towns. Appleton was an excellent choice. This tiny town is so small it doesn’t have a store of any kind. It does have a wooden bridge, a river, white water and gorges lined with beautiful trees that turn colour in the autumn. Those colours are my colour palette for this kit. Revisiting this vintage town through my memories was a joy.

Appleton, Ontario

There are three links for this kit. Enjoy.
Elements 1
Elements 2