The World’s a Rainbow Paper Dolls

By on 7-25-2017 in Paper Dolls

As our planet becomes one we need to recognize that we are all important … no matter what our skin colour or our beliefs. Education, understanding and empathy for all humans towards each other and our planet itself needs more work. If you put one person from each country on this planet you would realize that we are a rainbow of beautiful shades of colour from deep ebony to light ivory. Let’s celebrate that. These three dolls are wearing their 1970’s fashions.

1970's fashion paper dolls

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf paper dolls

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Little Red Riding Hood is wearing her best dress and red cloak to go see her grandmother. Imagine her surprise when, instead of her granny, she sees the Big Bad Wolf sitting in her chair and wearing granny’s nightgown and cap of all things … don’t forget the glasses … “All the better to see you my child!”

Little Red Riding Hood paper doll
Big Bad Wolf Paper Doll

Apricot and Jade, new paper dolls for February, 2020

By on 7-25-2017 in Paper Dolls

It’s been awhile since I have posted a new paper doll, but here are two new dolls to play with. Apricot and Jade love to snuggle up with a good book in their leisure clothes, play outside in their jacket and jeans and of course they are always ready to party when they wear their new dresses