Pileated Woodpeckers came for breakfast and pretty Brown-Eyed Susans

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This pretty, huge woodpecker and two others were hammering away at our willow tree early in the morning. This photo was taken from my window. Hanging out the window, trying not to scare away these terrific visitors and still keeping hold of the camera all at the same time was hilarious.

pileated woodpecker

This was a new family of woodpeckers, Mom, Pop and the youngster. They kept moving to the other side of the tree, so getting a good photo was almost impossible. so glad I did manage to snap a decent one.

brown eyed susans

Brown-eyed Susans are one of my favourite flowers. So sunny and bright, growing wild in among the grasses in the field. They would be so pretty embroidered onto a bright and sunny quilt along with white daisies and Queen Annes lace.

brown eyed susans

The play of shadows along with the flowers creates a beautiful photo.

brown eyed susans

The last of the Brown-eyed Susan photos. They make my heart skip a beat they are so pretty.

Rain drops on day lilies, new fungus growth and ripe grasses

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After a heavy downpour the sun came out and every plant that had a drop of water reflected the light. It was a beautiful sight.

rain drops on fungus

I almost missed these pretty mushrooms. They are huddled, growing on an old root of a Chinese Elm that has since grown back. Stunning growths that were gone two days later. It looks so peaceful under them, I wonder…..is that a rain fairy I see in their shade?

rain on day lillies

My day lilies are stunning at any time with their bright orange petals. Add a few raindrops and they outshine any other flower in the yard.

rain drops on day lilies

More lilies, growing in clumps in the borders along the fence, make for a magnificent display. They were breathtaking after the rain.

mature grasses after the rain

This photo was not taken just after the rain, but on a bright and sunny day, in the field behind our yard. Even grasses have their place among the wild flowers.

Vintage Bouquet of Flowers in a Jug

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Bouquets of flowers were very popular and this pattern was published in the McCall’s transfer book Vol IV in 1977. It would still look right at home on a linen towel, hanging in your kitchen.

jug with flowers

This vintage pattern would look stunning in blue work on an eggshell background or you could use a fully coloured version on a pure white. Just right for gift giving when going to a summer party.

A hot, hot day in July…..a great time for a Christmas decoration

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It is wonderfully hot today and has been all through our Canada Day Holiday weekend. Summer is finally here. I thought it was a good time to post something for Christmas.

angel doll

I found this Christmas page folded and wrinkled in a book. It is one of Joan Walsh Anglund’s pages. Isn’t it pretty? I made a new background page in Photoshop, fixed the images and moved them over so it looks just like it did when it was new. These little ornaments could be printed onto card stock for your little ones to put together. Wouldn’t their little faces be cute when they hang something pretty on the tree that they have made? Some of them could also be used in your scrap booking projects or card making. Joan’s little images are all so appealing. They would also look great printed on transfer paper for pressing onto a cotton Christmas stocking.