Elephant with Wings tag

By on 11-26-2014 in Scrapbook Kits

This little Elephant tag was done for the November tag swap on the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo group. I placed my wings as ears on my little baby elephant in Dumbo fashion. The background is watercolour with a cheesecloth cloud and washi tape borders. Ribbons and fluffy yarn along with some beads hang from the tag to gussy the little fellow up.

elephant with wings

Generous Hearts journal page

By on 11-26-2014 in Scrapbook Kits

November’s journal page for the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo group is all about generosity whether it is lots of hearts or other generous thoughts you may have. I chose both. Lots of hearts on my page along with the fact that you can find generosity if you go and look for it, whether thoughts or deeds they are all about us. My textures for the heart were a map, a dictionary page and a handwritten page, all symbols of ‘looking for something’ and to finish them off I embossed transparent dragon flies onto them. They always amaze me with their flitting from one thing to another as they ‘look’ through their little world.

generous hearts