ATC backgrounds for Spring

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ATC backgrounds

It’s amazing what you can do when you capture a piece of a high resolution photo. You can filter and style them until they no longer look like the object they are. I created a page of ATC backgrounds for your Spring creations. These came from earlier photos from the summer of 2011.

Golden Ponies and one handsome Tigger cat

By on 3-17-2011 in Embroidery, Vintage Patterns

golden prancing ponies

These handsome ponies started as Photoshop shapes found on I filled them with scratches using the Wacom Bamboo tablet, created the background using more Photoshop shapes and moved the ponies onto the background. Styles created the golden colour, transparency and shadows.


Another handsome fellow is our orange tabby. I caught him looking out the window with this very serene look on his little face. I changed him to black and white and played with shapes and the colour levels in enhancement and from there went to filters and styles.

Embroidered Alphabet

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Another wonderful alphabet to embroider from the McCall’s Christmas transfer book. This one features caps only and would be great used for monographs. A little book to hold and sort sewing machine needles would be a great gift for your quilting mixed media artist friend and would be theirs with their initial on the front cover. A special handkerchief or napkin would be pretty with this alphabet as well as gift tags made for a favourite somebody.



Moths in Rainbow Colours to use with your scrapbooking

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This little moth was sitting on the grass sunning itself last summer. It is a wonderful delicate colour and lent itself to recolouring. I have added one page of the moths to download, but if you want 4 pages download the pdf below.

original little brown moth

The original moth is pretty all by itself and could be used in a natural setting in your scrapbook.

rainbow moths

The rainbow colours would look great along with a little girl in a fairy costume on a summer day or along with a photo with a rainbow.

Rainbow Moths for your scrapbooking