Asian Coffee Filter Book and Geisha Paper Dolls

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coffee filter book

My first coffee filter book, done for the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo Group. I created an understated book in colours from the old Japanese wood cuts. Bangles and metallic threads are at the end of each tag. The tags are Geisha dolls and one extra kimono for each doll. Each pocket holds one of the dolls and has her name in English on one side and Japanese on the other. Prisma colours gently coloured some of the images on each covering page. I am sharing my Geisha paper dolls. The image is one I gleaned from colouring pages on line. It was listed at several different sites. Paper flowers, a peacock dangle and some soutache braid around the blue rings finish the simple Japanese look of the book.

geisha dolls

Here are the dolls and the kimonos. Each doll has a name of a Japanese flower. In order they are: top left is Lotus, top middle is Sunflower, top right is Plum, bottom left is Cherry, bottom middle is Willow and bottom right is Iris. Have fun with these little dolls.

geisha dolls

Marzie Mermaid and Bubbles have come to play with you this summer

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Marzie and Bubbles were created for a swap with the Art For the Creative Mind Mixed Media Yahoo Group. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to be both a Mixed Media doll and a paper doll so here she is. This is the mixed media doll. Her little fin on the end of her tail has a brad so she can swim just about anywhere she wants to go and Bubbles, her trusted side kick goes with her.


Marzie and Bubbles would love to play with your young daughter or granddaughter. She needs her story finished with summer fun. She would love to swim your way.

Marzie Doll

If your young girl is an artist she can create her own little Mermaid and Bubbles. Imagine the adventures they could have during those rainy days with nothing to do.

Marzie make your own