Pass the Kit challenge for July at Pixel Scrappers

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For the challenge for July at Pixel Scrappers everybody was split into three teams, four people to a team …. here is the Team one kit …. you can download my part here and the others from their blogs as well. The links are below the previews

Pass the Kit, Cotton Arts Boutique portion

Pass the Kit, Cotton Arts Boutique portion

Here is the full preview for group 1

Pass the Kit challenge

Rose Thorn Designs
Joys Creations
Dream 4ever Designs

Check out the other 2 teams’ kits July 31 Pixel Scrappers Pass the Kit

You can check out the Pixel Scrappers site. You will find wonderful layouts and if you join lots and lots of free stuff for your next digital or print out scrapbook and great tutorials and discussion as well.

Artimagus the Adorable or Arty for short

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Arty is a little dragon who blows bubbles rather than breathing fire and is adorable. The White Knight of Flowers found him sleeping and blowing bubbles under a sunflower hiding from the Black Knight of Shadows. You can read his story below. The arm was scanned from an ad and the little dragon came from a free Dover image from an old storybook. Photoshop allowed me to make them one.

Artimagus the Adorable

This is Arty’s story. Before I had finished the piece he was whispering in my ear, telling me who he was and all about him. If you ever see a sunflower field, stop and watch for the bubbles floating by …. it will be the White Knight of Flowers and his companion Arty. Don’t forget to say hello.

Artigamus the Adorable story

This little fabric collage was created for a swap on the Art For the Creative Mind Yahoo Group. If you like swapping and are working with mixed media come on over and take a look. The link is listed on the side links.

Is it time to sit and have a cup of Rose Hip Tea ? Yes, I think it is

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The colour challenge at the Scrapbooking Studio for July was a choice of colours for a monotone theme. I chose to use the wild roses from my wild flower garden. And if we have wild roses we have rose hips which make a beautiful tea, so pull up a chair, relax and have a cup of tea with me. The tea pot and cups were done with the templates from the Pixel Scrappers site.

Rose Hip Tea scrapbok mini kit

Rose Hip Tea elements
Rose Hip Tea papers