Cat Attitude !! Lets celebrate our cats and summer, they were made for each other

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Cats and their attitudes are incredibly funny. These little furry people each have their own singular personalities and want their own way each and every time. If it doesn’t go their own way they will surely let you know immediately. I think cats and summer were made for each other, lolling in the sun and absorbing every ray than can find or chasing sun moats and shadows. I wonder what they are dreaming of? Daisies and hollyhocks? Grasshoppers and crickets?

Cat Attitude !!


Mid Summer’s Day mini kit for the colour challenge at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio

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Summer is almost gone !!!!! …. see me crying in the rain …. I know many of you are burning up with the heat but we have had a very rainy, wet and dull summer here in Ottawa. Fortunately there have been a few peeks of sun out now and then. I am celebrating those few days with a bright and sunny mini kit for the Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s August colour challenge. Won’t you join us here. Butterflies, a journal card and two bright tags along with lots of summery papers to put together your summer adventures. Plus I’ve added a pretty frame for your favourite photo and a big glittery sun for all those hot, hot, hot photo days of fun.

Mid Summer's Day mini kit
Mid Summer’s Day

Venice, the city of love and dreams, another scrapbook kit

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Last week of the challenge and a dream vacation. My choice would always be Venice. Katherine Hepburn in the movie Summer, taking a vacation in Venice and finding love if only for a fleeting second while looking for some matching Venetian red glasses. I have added the red glasses and a cafe table, a gondola and the ‘city of canals’ painting. The painting was gleaned from the Getty Museum.

Dream Vacation, Venice

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More ATCs … made for Random Acts of Kindness mailings

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These were made with leftover bits of everything I had in my stash …. it was a lot of fun to see these come together one little bit at a time, no two alike

first set of two ATCs

The top card was made with a piece of leftover embossed card as the base. Little tangles of threads along with an extra ‘A’ and flower from previous swaps and lots of leftover glitter in the corner are glued on and held in place by a piece of acrylic held on with brads. The lower card’s background was created with leftover roses from the napkins I used for my journal pages. The word ‘friends’ was in my stash as well and although it’s colour was close to the roses it didn’t stand out so I outlined in silver and of course a little bling on the corner.

second set of ATCs

Here is the second set, made in the same way as the first two but with different little bit and pieces. These little cards can become addictive.