February Valentines Scrapbook Mini Kit

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For this kit I chose two vintage valentines with two little Dutch boys and a girl. They are adorable, especially the little girl and boy. Enjoy creating with this kit. You can pick up the kit at the links below.

February Valentines Scrapbook Mini Kit

Here is a page using the kit. With the glitter and laces and tags you can create something special for your Valentine’s sweety.

Scrapbook Page using February Valentines Mini Kit

February Valentines Paper Kit
February Valentines Elements Kit

Snow White’s Wedding Dress

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Wedding Dress for a Steam Punk princess

Snow White and her prince will be married. She will look beautiful in her wedding dress. Keeping with her new steam punk attitude the dress has been made with silver and is very enchanting. She just loves her suede boots and I think this outfit will remind the prince that Snow White will keep her steam punk attitude for a very long time.

A steam punk wedding dress needs lots of accessorites

Seven of the 14 dwarfs were able to make it to the wedding … Grumpy gave the bride away.

Snow White still needs more outfits if she is going to be well dressed

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an outfit to face an evil queen

Snow White is ready for the evil queen wearing this outfit. She knows she is smarter than any witch and this gives her the confidence to chase the evil queen away.

ensemble for meeting the evil queen

Of course, any outfit needs to be put together and this ensemble has confidence written all over it.

traditional princess dress steam punk style

Every princess needs a traditional gown, even a steam punk princess. Her gown has steam punk balloons woven into the panels and the top. Gold is Snow White’s favourite colour.

princess dress ensemble

This gown also needs great gold jewellry to wear together. There is one dress yet to show you ….. her wedding dress

Snow White needs more steam punk clothing

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blouse and skirt steam punk style

After Snow White has rescued her prince charming she needs to get out and go shopping. She wears her red suede skirt and blouse and adds silver knit stockings and gloves along with a wonderful pair of silver boots.

ensemble of skirt and blouse

Who wouldn’t want this great skirt and blouse ensemble ….

steam punk pant suit

Once Snow White is home again and snuggled up in her favourite chair with a good book she will chill out in her steam punk pant suit. Harem pants and a shear over blouse keep her cool on a summer evening and looking good. She loves her jet gear necklace. Her ladies-in-waiting will take care of her every wish.

steam punk pant suit ensemble

Even the stockings and suede shoes match her outfit.