Photoshop Artistry course challenges 14 to 20

By on 9-20-2017 in Digital Images + Collage, Original photos, Photoshop Artistry course, Sebastian Michaels Photoshop Artistry course

These next challenges were fun but at the same time took some thought to put them together.

challenge 14
I loved my bike. It was my constant companion every year from spring to autumn, brought me peaceful moments when I would ride for miles down roads to adventure.

challenge 15

This piece is a statement of what children in North America used to do instead of being children. Imagine having to work these horrible, backbreaking, spirit breaking jobs for most of a day without much time even to sleep or eat. This is still the state of hundreds of children in other countries. It has to stop.


This little seed cluster was in my wild flower garden. It was so pretty, sitting there in the green of the grass and giving off this beautiful glow in the sun.

challenge 19

A photo of some herbs in the garden in Almonte and the window is from the mill in Almonte as well. Love it when I can take two pieces that don’t really belong and place them into a whole.

book cover

This is a book cover for a favourite book. Fires of Spring is my all favourite book ever and I have read it over and over again.

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