Art Challenges at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio

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This is a new challenge at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio which started in June. The Studio offers a free mini kit to use or not, your choice and a prompt. Here are my June , July and August submissions. Come in and join us, it is a fun and friendly place … Digital Scrapbooking Studio

June Art Challenge at the Studio

Yellow was the prompt for the first Art Challenge in June. This dragon and hand image is the one I created for my fabric collage for the Arts for the Creative Mind Yahoo Group. I so love how the little dragon sits in the hand so beautifully. I can imagine that little tail curling around my own hand as I walk through the sunflowers.

Joy, July Challenge at the Studio

Imagine, Invent, Create was the prompt for July. I chose Joy because that is where I go when I am creating, inventing and imagining. The silhouette is one I created from a magazine ad. I loved this silhouette because she runs with sweet abandon. I would love to just let go and run through a field of butterflies, daisies and buttercups.

August Challenge at the Studio

Books is this month’s prompt and as soon as I saw it I thought of the old Book of Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson and the images of children absorbed by the wonderful stories in their books. That is how I remember feeling when I first learned to read. I haven’t put a book down since. I love reading and feel books are always going to be around, even if they are published digitally.

Country Charm, one more mini kit for the Pixel Scrapper site

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This little kit was created for another challenge. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do until I came across the vintage pattern for the little cottage. I redid and adapted it for digital and then the rest of the kit fell into place along with the choice of colours. For the frame I created a scottie dog block pattern from a another vintage quilting pattern with lots of little squares to fill with your favourite snaps.

Country Charm mini scrapbook kit

Country Charm scrapbook kit

Happy Halloween to everybody

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Watch out for the ghosts and goblins tonight. I kept these three photos aside just for tonight’s festivities. All of these photos could be used as backgrounds for a spooky digital collage or inspiration for a dark nighttime quilt.

Orange moon through white cedar tree

A summer moon taken on a hot night. The white cedar shadow gives this photo it’s Halloween flavour.

harvest moon

September gives us a different moody moon. The moon this night was a beautiful silver with a big dog ring that picked up the moon shine and through it around the scudding clouds below it.

harvest moon

This is another summer moon. A June moon which was taken on a hot evening and another shadow of a white cedar tree.

Brownstone houses from the past

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This vintage pattern was published in the McCall’s 1977 Needlework Magazine. They used it to paint ceramic tiles…it even has a fire hydrant and a little dog. The city dweller on your gift list would be happy to receive a creation made with this pretty pattern.

brownstone buildings

These brownstones would be very sophisticated painted onto a silk scarf. As a pillow top they would set off a white couch or could be done in bright colours as well. Embroidered onto linen and stretched into a frame could be another way of creating your own masterpiece with this pretty pattern. A whole cloth quilt of ecru cotton with the brownstones embroidered in bright white would make a lovely spread for a bed as well.