Nature collages….series of four

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Number four of the series. The forest collage was done with a rock background coloured green on the bottom half and blue on the top half with a transparency. I layered maple tree flowers, mushrooms, fern and a piece of bark. This was moved onto another background of spruce boughs which was lightened.

river rocks

Number three of the series. This collage started with a filtered photo of Ottawa River rocks, then a sky of migrating Canada Geese moved onto it.

canada geese on moon

Number 2 of the series. The same sky of migrating geese was moved onto a full moon background and made transparent. An unusual time to see geese flying.

birch tree and moon

Number 1 of the series. This stand of birch trees was filtered and then moved onto the same full moon and then made transparent. A very eerie collage.

Embroidery patterns….one for the new baby and the other for the man in your life

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baby embroidery

This embroidery pattern for ‘baby’ was published in the McCall’s Iron On Transfer Book, Volume V. Wouldn’t it look sweet on the ‘overflap’ of a baby’s blanket? What a great way to show off your needlework skills along with your latest addition.


Another embroidery from the McCall’s Iron On Transfer Book, Volume II….A full sized deer with a youngster. They would be perfect on a dark background in a man’s den or even dad’s chair. I can also see them on a whole cloth quilt or a Christmas table cloth.

Spring season surprises….wild violets, a huge fungus and maple bubbles

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wild violet

Wild violets have grown in a damp patch of lawn. What a wonderful surprise they are. I love wild flowers. The violet flower seems to almost be floating in this photo.

fungus on tree

I have been capturing photos of this fungus since early spring, watching it grow into this huge clump on an old tree stump. A very fascinating plant that grew from what looked almost like a square stump of last year’s growth. The different hues of brown and cream are very pretty.

froth on maple after rain

One day when the rain was streaming, our maple tree had these bubbles forming at the base, close to the ground. The bubbles were running down the trunk of the tree with the rain. How odd. I’ve never seen anything like it before and this tree is well over 30 years old. If anybody recognizes it please leave a message.

wild violets

Another photo of the wild violets. They are so tiny and I almost stepped on them the other day. I have marked them so they get a chance to finish blooming before cutting that bit of grass. I don’t think they would be there except for the extra rain we have had this spring.

Plum blossoms…the most delicate of flowers

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plum blossoms

Our plum tree is the first fruit tree to blossom….and the first to lose them. This tree was planted by an errant seed and shouldn’t actually be growing this far north. It has only kept it’s blossoms long enough to produce plums once. Normally rain as in this year or frost will take them before they are ready to go. Plum flowers cluster in groups and become spectacular if only for a week.

red parrot tulip

Parrot tulips are my favourites. This red tulip with it’s shades of yellow throughout the center as well as traces in the petals looks like silk shining in the sun.

yellow tulip

Another parrot, which is just starting to open. Later in the day its petals will be flat rather than upright in a normal tulip. It is very showy and delicate. I love this bright shade of yellow….like the sun it is reflecting.