Plum blossoms…the most delicate of flowers

By on 5-16-2011 in Original photos

plum blossoms

Our plum tree is the first fruit tree to blossom….and the first to lose them. This tree was planted by an errant seed and shouldn’t actually be growing this far north. It has only kept it’s blossoms long enough to produce plums once. Normally rain as in this year or frost will take them before they are ready to go. Plum flowers cluster in groups and become spectacular if only for a week.

red parrot tulip

Parrot tulips are my favourites. This red tulip with it’s shades of yellow throughout the center as well as traces in the petals looks like silk shining in the sun.

yellow tulip

Another parrot, which is just starting to open. Later in the day its petals will be flat rather than upright in a normal tulip. It is very showy and delicate. I love this bright shade of yellow….like the sun it is reflecting.

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