Nature collages….series of four

By on 5-30-2011 in Digital Images + Collage, Original photos


Number four of the series. The forest collage was done with a rock background coloured green on the bottom half and blue on the top half with a transparency. I layered maple tree flowers, mushrooms, fern and a piece of bark. This was moved onto another background of spruce boughs which was lightened.

river rocks

Number three of the series. This collage started with a filtered photo of Ottawa River rocks, then a sky of migrating Canada Geese moved onto it.

canada geese on moon

Number 2 of the series. The same sky of migrating geese was moved onto a full moon background and made transparent. An unusual time to see geese flying.

birch tree and moon

Number 1 of the series. This stand of birch trees was filtered and then moved onto the same full moon and then made transparent. A very eerie collage.


  1. These are lovely. I esp like # 3 in the series. It has an etheral quality to it. I found your site from the Valerie Header yahoo group (where I am not a very active member sorry to say).

  2. Thanks Judi, I’m glad you like them….I am having so much fun doing them

  3. have outdone yourself with these Nature Collages. I love to watch birds on the wing, so am partial to those two, but all are outstanding.Keep up the great work…Patti

  4. Not only are your quilts lovely, I love your photos. Thanks for sharing

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