Steam Punk Paper Doll…….my first paper doll book

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Snow White was created for the “ArtForTheCreativeMind” yahoo group. The swap was a steam punk doll and everybody had a different doll. These dolls were made of paper, wood, wire and metal. A paper doll came to me when I entered the swap.

steam punk paper doll book cover

My first paper doll book belongs to Snow White. I gave her a steam punk attitude and she told me I had to write her a new story to go with her “so there” attitude. Her new clothes are modern, sexy and she wears lots of gears and grommets.

New Snow White story

Here is Snow White herself. She’s ready to wear her first new blouse and skirt. If I were the witch I wouldn’t want to mess with Snow White. She can now take care of herself.

Snow White paper doll

Snow White is ready to look for her own prince charming wearing this outfit. She will look far and wide, through woods and stream until she finds him.

Steam Punk Outfit

The outfit has been put together for easy cutting and playing. The page below shows each and every piece that is put together for this great woodsy outfit.

Steam Punk Outfit pieces

Alphabet Embroidery Patterns from Women’s Work Basket

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Here is another alphabet set. These set is wonderfully vintage. They were published in the Women’s Work Basket magazine, a little book of all things needlework whether it was embroidery, sewing, knitting or crochet. These wonderful letters would look great on a child’s t-shirt or pillow case. Your grandchildren would love a quilted plaque using an enlarged letter either embroidered or painted. It could also be couched using a bright coloured yarn or cord.

Women's workbasket alphabet-1


Vintage Christmas in February

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Choo-Choo Christmas Stockings

Although this image is tiny this little ‘choo-choo’ shines. Each train car is a separate stocking. What a great pattern for above a fireplace or on a window shelf. It could choo-choo around a tree skirt using paint or applique and lots and lots of shiny beads and embroidery. Painted in pastels, it could also travel around a nursery wall.

cho cho pattern

Embroidered Felt Fishing Boats on Canvas

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These two fishing boats were published in the McCall’s Needle Art Volume IV magazine. A romantic piece of embroidery that was sewn on canvas using the sewing machine and straight stitch. Felt was used for the boats, sun and building. Wouldn’t these boats look great using the new threads and fabrics available today? I can envision painted and stitched boats sailing over a large summer tote. A sea coast landscape quilt could be the background for one of the boats.
fishing boat pattern

The patterns for both pictures are here….pdf document is 460kb Fishing Boats Embroidery with Machine