Christmas tabby cat and some cookies for Santa’s thank you plate

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Christmas is just around the corner, but there is still time to embroider a kitty or two. These images are also part of the vintage Golden Books colouring book.

Christmas kitten playing with ribbon

This tabby cat is so cute. He has the greatest smile on his face. Embroidered in Christmas colours he could adorn a stocking or cavort around a tree skirt.

Christmas Cookies

Do you need a plate of cookies for Santa? This one has several and treated individually they would make cool decorations, embroidered and beaded or painted on felt. They could also be painted onto wood for a more permanent ornament.

Santa all settled in his chair and a pretty frilled party basket

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Santa too needs a rest once in awhile. Here he is snuggled into his favourite chair. This is a colouring page from a Whitman’s Golden Book. Doesn’t Santa look comfortable. It is a very traditional picture. Santa is puffing on his pipe. Mrs. Santa must be a very patient wife, baking cookies for Santa and the elves all year round and putting up with that cloud of smoke.

Santa siting in his chair

This Santa picture would look good painted on a window for the holiday season. He could also adorn a pillow or lap quilt for the favourite man on your list. Reduced in size and embroidered onto a small square of red cotton he could hang around on your tree or on a gift bow.

pretty little party basket

Although this pretty little party basket was also among the Golden Book pages it would be at home at any time of the year. For Christmas a white frilly basket with a red bow and candy striped handle applique around a tree skirt could adorn the Christmas tree and done in redwork around a circular table cloth to match would make a great holiday conversation piece.

Vintage ladies for those Christmas linens

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These two ladies are two of a set that was published in the McCall’s Iron On Transfers Vol IV. They could be embroidered on linen towels for a great Christmas gift. Done in cobalt blue, turkey red or forest green they would stand out beside matching terry towels. These ladies could also be added to an old fashioned pinwheel quilt with appliqued dresses. A smaller version of one would also look right at home on the top of an embroidery case.

vintage ladies to embroider

A hot, hot day in July…..a great time for a Christmas decoration

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It is wonderfully hot today and has been all through our Canada Day Holiday weekend. Summer is finally here. I thought it was a good time to post something for Christmas.

angel doll

I found this Christmas page folded and wrinkled in a book. It is one of Joan Walsh Anglund’s pages. Isn’t it pretty? I made a new background page in Photoshop, fixed the images and moved them over so it looks just like it did when it was new. These little ornaments could be printed onto card stock for your little ones to put together. Wouldn’t their little faces be cute when they hang something pretty on the tree that they have made? Some of them could also be used in your scrap booking projects or card making. Joan’s little images are all so appealing. They would also look great printed on transfer paper for pressing onto a cotton Christmas stocking.

A June visit from Santa

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Santa is a great subject even in June. This cute Santa was published in the McCall’s Needlework December 1987 Magazine as an ornament for your door. Isn’t he the cutest and he has lots of potential.

Santa Door Ornament

I think Santa would make a cool Christmas card with a money gift in his sack or as part of a table mat with the spoon for your Christmas oatmeal in that same sack. He would also look very handsome on a Christmas stocking or marching around a tree skirt.

Santa Door Ornament Pattern

This pattern is so simple it could be used to cut a Santa cookie, decorated in lots of red icing and coconut for his beard. What fun for the kids it would be to decorate him.

Embroidery patterns….one for the new baby and the other for the man in your life

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baby embroidery

This embroidery pattern for ‘baby’ was published in the McCall’s Iron On Transfer Book, Volume V. Wouldn’t it look sweet on the ‘overflap’ of a baby’s blanket? What a great way to show off your needlework skills along with your latest addition.


Another embroidery from the McCall’s Iron On Transfer Book, Volume II….A full sized deer with a youngster. They would be perfect on a dark background in a man’s den or even dad’s chair. I can also see them on a whole cloth quilt or a Christmas table cloth.