June flowers and a fallen willow

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A very pretty ground cover grows under our Chinese elm tree. The variegated leaves below the flowers gives the photo a painted look….the photo was taken from above in the shade of the elm.

flowering ground cover

This wild asparagus plant has been growing for over 40 years. We had a little dog that used to seek it out and chomp it down as quickly as it could grow, she loved it. It grows into this huge tall fern every year and this year it has numerous blossoms.

wild asparagus flower

These little bells give a misty quality to the photo, so many different shades of green.

fallen elm

Our weeping willow still has one living side, for how long I don’t know….it is one of my favourite trees. It is over 40 years old as well. Poor old tree has been hit several times by lightning, lost large limbs during the ice storm in 1998 and the half that is missing was blown down during a winter wind storm. It would make a good subject for a landscape quilt.

Christmas in June

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A black work embroidered angel from McCall’s Needlework Magazine, July/August 1982 heralds Christmas morning in style. The stitch instructions are included with the pattern. She would look good as a door ornament or a little Christmas quilt to throw over a rocking chair. A matching tree skirt could round out the set as well.


Kewpie Dolls…..remembering the little bisque dolls with blue wings

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Kewpie dolls are one of my favourite embroidery patterns. When I was a small child Kewpie dolls with their little blue wings were my companions during nap time. These days of the week Kewpie doll embroidery patterns come from McCall’s Needlework and Crafts September 1988 Collector’s Edition. They were first published during the 1930’s. They are so sweet and cuddly. They would make a great conversation piece embroidered onto a cafe curtain in your kitchen.


This pattern is for Wednesday, a sewing day of course. The full seven days of the week are in a 824kb pdf document ready for download

Kewpie Doll Days of the Week, McCall’s Needlework and Crafts, September 1988 Collector’s Edition

Happy Father’s Day from Lori Leopard and Terry Tiger

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Two new paper dolls join the others to wish their great daddies a happy day. Both Terry Tiger and Lori Leopard wrapped their presents all by themselves. They are so proud to be able to do that and can hardly wait to give them to their fathers. I wonder if they are going to take their parents out to dinner or make it themselves?