More ATCs … made for Random Acts of Kindness mailings

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These were made with leftover bits of everything I had in my stash …. it was a lot of fun to see these come together one little bit at a time, no two alike

first set of two ATCs

The top card was made with a piece of leftover embossed card as the base. Little tangles of threads along with an extra ‘A’ and flower from previous swaps and lots of leftover glitter in the corner are glued on and held in place by a piece of acrylic held on with brads. The lower card’s background was created with leftover roses from the napkins I used for my journal pages. The word ‘friends’ was in my stash as well and although it’s colour was close to the roses it didn’t stand out so I outlined in silver and of course a little bling on the corner.

second set of ATCs

Here is the second set, made in the same way as the first two but with different little bit and pieces. These little cards can become addictive.

Marzie Mermaid and Bubbles have come to play with you this summer

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Marzie and Bubbles were created for a swap with the Art For the Creative Mind Mixed Media Yahoo Group. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to be both a Mixed Media doll and a paper doll so here she is. This is the mixed media doll. Her little fin on the end of her tail has a brad so she can swim just about anywhere she wants to go and Bubbles, her trusted side kick goes with her.


Marzie and Bubbles would love to play with your young daughter or granddaughter. She needs her story finished with summer fun. She would love to swim your way.

Marzie Doll

If your young girl is an artist she can create her own little Mermaid and Bubbles. Imagine the adventures they could have during those rainy days with nothing to do.

Marzie make your own

Christmas paperdoll 2012 …. Merri Christmas

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Meri is here to say ‘hello, won’t you play with me this Christmas?’. She is all set for whatever games you play, whether it be snug in her little housecoat and slippers or out in the snow with her snowsuit. Meri can help trim the tree or sit down for a snack of gingerbread men. She also has a best Christmas Day outfit to wear while opening her presents.

Christmas paper doll
Christmas paper doll

Merri would make a great stocking stuffer or be used as a quiet time activity for your child. There are earlier Christmas Paperdolls as well. They would all like to play so please feel free to download them.

Wooden Spool Ornaments and an Inspirational Advent Calendar Wreath

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These pieces were all made for the ArtForTheCreativeMind Yahoo group. The three wooden spools had a mind of their own and my muse just went with the flow. I had originally wanted all white and light blue and glittery spools, but they told me they wanted to look a bit like French vintage. So French vintage it was. I used large beads and small as well as cord and wire for the hangers, even a pipe cleaner. Some French vintage papers helped give the ‘French’ feel to them.

wooden spool ornaments

My advent calendar wreath was another piece that grew as I made it. I knew I wanted the Matryoshka dolls to be a part of it. First the pattern had to be drawn and I chose to create that in Photoshop Elements which made it easy to create the little faces. Christmas papers were used for the outfits. Finding the right size of prints became a difficult task as many of the paper’s designs were too large. I then glued them onto black card and created 25 different inspirational words instead of numbers for each December day until Christmas. These little dolls can be removed from the wreath to be used as tags at a later date.

paper doll wreathe
paper doll wreathe

Embroidered Alphabet

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Another wonderful alphabet to embroider from the McCall’s Christmas transfer book. This one features caps only and would be great used for monographs. A little book to hold and sort sewing machine needles would be a great gift for your quilting mixed media artist friend and would be theirs with their initial on the front cover. A special handkerchief or napkin would be pretty with this alphabet as well as gift tags made for a favourite somebody.