Rain drops on day lilies, new fungus growth and ripe grasses

By on 7-19-2011 in Original photos

After a heavy downpour the sun came out and every plant that had a drop of water reflected the light. It was a beautiful sight.

rain drops on fungus

I almost missed these pretty mushrooms. They are huddled, growing on an old root of a Chinese Elm that has since grown back. Stunning growths that were gone two days later. It looks so peaceful under them, I wonder…..is that a rain fairy I see in their shade?

rain on day lillies

My day lilies are stunning at any time with their bright orange petals. Add a few raindrops and they outshine any other flower in the yard.

rain drops on day lilies

More lilies, growing in clumps in the borders along the fence, make for a magnificent display. They were breathtaking after the rain.

mature grasses after the rain

This photo was not taken just after the rain, but on a bright and sunny day, in the field behind our yard. Even grasses have their place among the wild flowers.

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