Art Challenges at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio

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This is a new challenge at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio which started in June. The Studio offers a free mini kit to use or not, your choice and a prompt. Here are my June , July and August submissions. Come in and join us, it is a fun and friendly place … Digital Scrapbooking Studio

June Art Challenge at the Studio

Yellow was the prompt for the first Art Challenge in June. This dragon and hand image is the one I created for my fabric collage for the Arts for the Creative Mind Yahoo Group. I so love how the little dragon sits in the hand so beautifully. I can imagine that little tail curling around my own hand as I walk through the sunflowers.

Joy, July Challenge at the Studio

Imagine, Invent, Create was the prompt for July. I chose Joy because that is where I go when I am creating, inventing and imagining. The silhouette is one I created from a magazine ad. I loved this silhouette because she runs with sweet abandon. I would love to just let go and run through a field of butterflies, daisies and buttercups.

August Challenge at the Studio

Books is this month’s prompt and as soon as I saw it I thought of the old Book of Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson and the images of children absorbed by the wonderful stories in their books. That is how I remember feeling when I first learned to read. I haven’t put a book down since. I love reading and feel books are always going to be around, even if they are published digitally.

Journals …. this is my first mixed media journal page

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This is my first attempt at a mixed media journal page created for the Art For the Creative Mind yahoo group. The only criteria for it was that we had to use a stencil. My stencil was the waste from a little flower die. Never throw those out until you have used them somewhere. There are several layers of bits and pieces of almanac pages, lace, gold striped and dotted tissue paper as well as a couple of dollar store napkins with roses. I also used some threads to create more texture in the piece. Creating more pages is now a priority in my little art cave.

Vintage ladies for those Christmas linens

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These two ladies are two of a set that was published in the McCall’s Iron On Transfers Vol IV. They could be embroidered on linen towels for a great Christmas gift. Done in cobalt blue, turkey red or forest green they would stand out beside matching terry towels. These ladies could also be added to an old fashioned pinwheel quilt with appliqued dresses. A smaller version of one would also look right at home on the top of an embroidery case.

vintage ladies to embroider

Vintage wedding rugs and patterns

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These three rugs are hooked. What a great way to recycle your old woolens or sew the motives onto a background using wool felt. Done in bright colours, they could be updated to look right at home in today’s home. Treated as a center piece on a whole cloth quilt would make a great conversation piece for your next stay over guest.

vintage wedding rugs

I have posted the heart pattern. I thought it is the most current looking and could also be used on a pillow as a valentine gift next year.

heart rug pattern

If you would like all three patterns you can download the pdf document here:
Vintage Wedding Rug patterns, McCall’s Magazine Feb 1986

A hazy day in Ottawa on the Ottawa River…. a great day for sailing

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On a beautiful summer day in August the Ottawa River calls. The sailboats were out on the water, the sun was shining, just enough wind to power the boats with a hazy sky and the Gatineau Hills in the background.

hazy day

This photo reminds me of the pictures of tropical islands. The branches of the pine tree show off the sky, water and beach. What a great landscape quilt this photo would make.

fine day

There were a lot of sailboats on the river, but this one in the distance, with the Gatineau hills in the background looks so peaceful on this hazy summer day.

hazy day

Another photo of the Ottawa River from under three branches. I think they frame the river dramatically.