Vintage Autumn Embroidery

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Pumpkins, wheat and corn cobs fill this cornucopia. It is a perfect embroidery pattern for this time of year. This is another pattern from the vintage McCall’s transfer books.

cornucopia with pumpkin

This cornucopia would be great on your Thanksgiving table as a runner or table mats. As an embroidered centerpiece among a maple leaf blocks it would be stunning, or used as a pattern for an appliqued block it would be a more modern table quilt.

Fantasy Quilt….”Camelot rising through a misty dawn”

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Camelot in a misty dawn

Another challenge quilt with the Valerie Hearder Landscape Quilt Yahoo Group….what fun to do. The willow in the quilt was created in honour of our fallen weeping willow. It fell so hard this winter it has ‘drilled’ itself into the winter earth. I created the willow branches using untwisted poly/cotton strands. I tripled a strand, tied a knot in one end and then sewed each strand by hand onto the tree trunk. It took over 14 hours of work. I also couched the strands down with matching thread to keep the branches from spreading outside the working area. Although it was time consuming I think it was very successful….it does look like a willow tree. I also used ribbons, chain link, lace, crocheted cord, beads as well as watercolour pencils to add to the ‘fairytale’ look of the quilt.

A cat pattern to use for fabric arts

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Crewel cat

What a great cat with oodles of potential. It was published in the McCall’s Fall/Winter 1972-73 needlework magazine. He was stitched onto a pillow. I can now see him enlarged and worked in crazy quilt. Anybody have a lot of little scraps just asking to be put into a cat pattern? Printed or dyed multiple times onto fabric and then stitched and beaded would make a very handsome kitty wall hanging.

cat pattern

Vintage Stained Glass Pattern…..quilt label or book plate

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vintage stained glass

A vintage stained glass pattern can lend itself to a pretty quilt label or book plate. The panel was published in the McCall’s Needlework Fall/Winter 1974 magazine. A silk scarf, painted with this pattern would make a great gift. It would also be a very pretty used for discharge dying. I liked the pattern so much I coloured it to use as a quilt label. It would also be great quilted and beaded onto the flap of a little fabric envelope along with a little chain for a handle.

quilt label

stained glass pattern

Here is a pdf document containing the photo, pattern and three quilt labels. McCall’s fall/winter 1974 stained glass pattern and quilt labels

Colourful Buildings of the World

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colourful buildings postcards

The first cards are from an exchange last fall…..colourful buildings. The theme was chosen after Valerie Hearder posted some photos from her holiday in Mexico. The buildings were fantastic. Then the on-line conversation drifted to Newfoundland and the other Eastern Provinces where they also have such pretty and uniquely coloured homes and other buildings. A new postcard exchange was born. The second group of cards are my first and second that were created for my first two exchanges. Also included is an Ottawa bicycle path, you can see the parliament buildings in the background and the 2009 Christmas card that I sent to family and friends. What a wonderful way to quilt.

2009 postcards