A cat pattern to use for fabric arts

By on 4-16-2011 in art quilts, Embroidery, Vintage Patterns

Crewel cat

What a great cat with oodles of potential. It was published in the McCall’s Fall/Winter 1972-73 needlework magazine. He was stitched onto a pillow. I can now see him enlarged and worked in crazy quilt. Anybody have a lot of little scraps just asking to be put into a cat pattern? Printed or dyed multiple times onto fabric and then stitched and beaded would make a very handsome kitty wall hanging.

cat pattern


  1. Hi Susan..I’m not a cat lover but I do think they are very artistic looking and I have a black panther picture in my bedroom.I really like this pattern. The cat is very colorful and a cool pose.My Daughter will love it…hugs..Patti

    p.s…keep up the great work at this site.

  2. Hi Susan…Tho I’m not a cat lover I do recognize how artistic loking they are.I have a black panther in the jungle, on my wall in my bedroom.I love the pose of this cat and how colorful it is.My daughter will love it.Ditto Zoe’ Quinn…hugs..Patti

    p.s…keep up the great work at this site.

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