Valerie Hearder’s “Points of View “

By on 4-21-2010 in art quilts, Artists and Authors that I love

Valerie Hearder is a Canadian quilt artist who has written 2 books on landscape quilting. She travels to South Africa, purchases textiles made by the Grandmother-to-Grandmother Campaign, donating 15% of the proceeds to the campaign. Also see her blog:

Points of View is Valerie’s latest book. Valerie starts at the beginning with tips on what types of fabrics you will want to use in your landscapes, equipment that eases your journey through your personal masterpieces and how to get started. She includes lessons in creating basic landscapes, how to put together each piece as well as adding techniques throughout each chapter. You will learn how to colour your own fabrics using transfer dyes, fabric crayons, oil paint sticks and coloured pencils. The lessons are all well documented, photographed and easy to understand. I suggest you read through the whole book before trying a creation of your own….you won’t want to miss a step or technique that will make your landscape quilt shine.

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