Family Memories, January’s Colour Challenge Mini Kit

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January’s colour challenge kit for The Scrapbooking Studio was a pleasure to do with the wonderful colour palette given us this month. The challenge was Telling My Story, Documenting Your Life or Journaling.

Family Memories Scrapbook Kit

Family Memories papers
Family Memories elements

Who Are You came from this photo of a relative who I look like, especially when I was younger but sadly we don’t know who she is. I created the page using the little kit made by ADB Designs.


Paintings have a life of their own ……

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This piece was done for The Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s January art challenge. I used a paper and a brush given to us by Jilbert who was hosting the challenge this month. I chose the photo as soon as I saw the papers. They were made for each other. The quote of Vincent Van Gogh’s is one of my favourite of his. I love his paintings and the way he layered strokes of paint on a canvas and created a masterpiece.

Art Challenge Jan 2015

Tags, Lesson 2 of Life Book 2015 with Roben-Marie Smith

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What fun these tags were to do. I think I need Spring because they sure are spring like…. Instead of sewing the seams on my machine which has a new needle in it (I’m not using the new needle for paper) I marked holes with a piece of plastic canvas, punched them and then sewed by hand with crochet cotton. I also added a wee bit of translucent glitter just to give the tag a spring like glow. To get the background I laid down some water colour crayon on a transparency, spritzed with water and then swirled the colour around with my fingers before dipping the tag into the paint. The images were created in Photoshop filters with two of my photos, one of a peony and the other of a seed flower. I had them in my digital stash and blended them together.


Beacon of Light, Life Book 2015 Lesson 1

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Lesson 1 is finished. This little girl is my Beacon of Light for the year. She has too many shadows, not enough highlights and is a bit overworked but she is mine and she is ready to give me a hug throughout the year.

The crow is for the pair of nesting crows we had at our country home. I have mentioned them before. I miss them big time. Sitting in the tall elm waiting for the sun to rise, dipping in by the window to check on us and saying HI how are you today when we walked out the door. They are my symbol, my beacon of light

beacon of light

Life Book 2015 with Tamara Laporte, a warmup exercise

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I made the decision this year to sign up for Tamara Lapage’s Life Book 2015. The course goes all year and there is still lots of time to enroll. You can find her site here: Life Book 2015

This was our opening warm up exercise. We chose a word that meant something real to us. Mine is value, to remind myself that I need to value myself just like I do with everybody else. It is the one hurdle I find hard to overcome.

life book 2015