Christmas Alphabet….the last of the letters

By on 11-27-2011 in Christmas Patterns, Embroidery, Mixed Media, Vintage, Vintage Patterns

As promised here is the last of the alphabet. I love this version of Christmas letters. It is so whimsical and adaptable for so many different venues. The letters could be appliqued using either cottons or wool felt and the rest embroidered on top. They could also be painted onto a wooden ornament or coloured in digitally and printed onto paper to make great tags.





  1. Hi,
    Are there copyright issues with any of your postings? I love your site and suspect our paths may have crossed at some time. We are originally from Almonte!

  2. copyright issues: these are all vintage patterns, I give credit to the magazines and to the artist if one is listed. They are for personal use only.

  3. I’m having problems printing the ‘ladies’ and the ‘Christmas Alphabet’. QRST is not even showing. I can’t find instructions for printing…..

  4. To print right click on the image and click “Save Image as” and save to your desk top.

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