Indian Summer in the Ottawa Valley

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Autumn in the Ottawa Valley…my heart leaps at the sight of the burning colours on the horizon at this time of year. Is there anything quite so spectacular? The light and shadows play along the rivers creating serene outlooks wherever you cast your eyes or camera.

indian summer

My favourite photo of the blue heron at Andy Haydon Park while he is fishing for his dinner. He is a magnificent bird and would look good worked into a landscape or art quilt.

carp road maples

On our way to the Carp Fair this year we were halted in traffic and I was able to snap this photo of the trees. Carp has rolling farmland which is mostly rock, but good for grazing animals. It is a beautiful country area of Ottawa.


A trip out to Appleton, a very small town in the Valley. The Mississippi River flows through the town which has many heritage homes. Unspoiled by new houses it is an absolutely heavenly village to stop and take photos.


Weeping willows growing on the banks of the Mississippi in Appleton present the prettiest photo ever. The day was so peaceful and bright and this was the last day of Indian Summer. This willow would make a great landscape quilt.


The last photo of Appleton with the Mississippi River reflecting the tree colours back upon itself. This would be a pretty town to live in.


  1. Stunning images. I so love the colours of fall :).
    Stay inspired!
    Brain Angles – Invisible Ink

  2. Thanks Michelle. I think my favourite is the weeping willow leaning over the water. It brings ‘Camelot’ and King Arthur to my mind. I almost expect Excalibur to come rising out of the water.

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