Heavy Horses….the best of the breed at the Carp Fair, Ontario

By on 10-26-2011 in Original photos

The heavy horse breeds are my favourite. Their movement is so powerful and they are so massive. The words “poetry in motion” describe them well.

6 horse hitch

The silver bridles caught the sun here through the dust. It is a very dramatic photo.


The wagons would come through the gate at speed, showing the power of these magnificent horses. The runner beside them is in full stride as well.

4 horse hitch

More dust, taking these photos were not easy to do, but well worth it. This wagon of 4 horses was at a trot when turning the corner.

are you taking my picture

I loved this fellow. He turned right towards me as if to say “you taking MY picture, then let me make it easier for you” or maybe “don’t forget to spell my name right”. He is a beauty.


  1. The Clydesdales have always been my favorite too. Awesome pictures and the Fall pix too…Patti

  2. Our Ottawa Valley is an awesome and beautiful spot on the planet and so much of it is being lost to housing now.

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