Great blue heron, Canada geese, a saucy grey squirrel and September’s last hurrah !

By on 10-02-2011 in Original photos

During a trip to Andy Haydon Park in West End Ottawa I was able to snap photos of some of the wildlife. I think they may have been posing for me hoping I would be on my way, thinking “tourists”. It was a sunny afternoon, one of those lazy days when you just want to get away and forget your everyday life.

great blue

The great blue heron had his patience rewarded when he caught a big mudpout. He stood in the pond so still until he saw the right moment to capture his dinner. A magnificent bird.

snoozing squirrel

This grey squirrel was napping in the afternoon sun and didn’t notice me at first. A very interesting photo.

grey squirrel caught me taking his photo

Whoops! He caught me with my camera snapping his photo. What a character he is.

great blue heron

The park is full of Canada geese and when the heron crossed the pond to eat his fish the geese lined up in the water around him. I wonder why? Once he had swallowed his fish and taken off the geese separated and swam away.


  1. Wow! Incredible shot of the heron!
    Stay inspired!

  2. Thanks Michelle, he made it easy to take the photo LOL ….

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