Images of my visit to the Almonte Textile Museum

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My visit to the Almonte Textile Museium during this year’s Fiberfest was a wonderful treat. Upstairs there is a wonderful display of machinery as well as wooden spools and spindles. I spent almost two hours there taking one shot after another knowing they would be beautiful. I love earth tones and the machines are rusted, the spindles and spools are made of wood that has been polished through long handling. One word describes them to me and that is magnificent.


Spools and spindles are sitting in large cardboard boxes beside the machines they were used on.

spindles from old cotton mill

weigh scales

This Toledo weigh scale caught my attention as I was leaving and had to go back to take more photos. I love the colours and the inner workings of this piece of equipment.

mill scale close up

scale close up

weigh scale close up

Shuttles were displayed in a box as well. How many hands have used these tools? How I wish they could tell us their stories.



  1. Hello,
    Love the pictures of Fibrefest. I met you there and you gave me your web site address. I am the person who sells recycled yarns. I think you were asking about scraps and small pieces for your art. I have a bag of very mixed colours and types or yarn. If you are intersted please let me know, otherwise I’ll have to get rid of it.

  2. Hi Julie, I’m glad you like the photos …. I will email you about the yarn …. maybe we can make a trade ….


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