May tulips and lilies take the place of April crocus

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The sun is shining and spring is warming into summer…the crocus, sadly are gone, in their place are red and yellow tulips and white lilies.
E lily

These lilies are very delicate and will be gone in about two days. Rain, when first blooming decreased their life span substantially.

red tulip

This red tulip, almost in full bloom caught my eye with it’s yellow streaks throughout its petals.

yellow tulip

There is always one in the mix that is different. The rest of the yellow tulips are parrot tulips with big floppy petals. This one of a kind has a much lighter tone and reminds me more of a rose colour. It is growing right in the middle of the other yellow tulips and stands out as an individual.

Christmas Cookie Cutter Ornaments

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Christmas ornaments

These four friendly little cookie cutter ornaments could adorn a Christmas stocking or tree skirt as well as hanging around on your tree. A smaller version would look great as tags on your Christmas presents. They would stand out using redwork or bluework embroidery on muslin on a table runner, especially if they were done in bright metalic threads. How about marching them along a baby’s bib or blanket? They were published in the McCall’s Creative Crafts, Volume 19 magazine.

Reindeer and Goose Ornaments

If you would like all four of the ornaments you can download a pdf document for them here: Christmas Cookie Cutter Ornaments

A summer alarm clock….when did they learn to knock on metal pipe ?

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yellow bellied sap sucker

Our resident Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker is back for the summer. He will knock on any metal around the yard including the aluminum step ladder. He sure makes a noise ! And does it carry ! I’m sure you can hear him for miles

yellow bellied sap sucker

I have three questions. The first…. how and when did they learn to knock on metal instead of trees to announce their presence? The second…..How do they manage to keep their bills in good shape….that’s gotta hurt !! The third….Do they ever get a headache?

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do…….

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These vintage cyclists are too cute ! They are more patterns published in the McCall’s Iron On Transfers, Volume V, Memory Lane book. Blue or black work on a white background and framed would stand out on any wall along with a shadow portrait or two.

vintage lady on bike

In my mind I can see this couple updated and appliqued onto a homespun pillow top along with embroidery for the faces and bikes, resting on a wicker patio love seat. What fun !

vintage man on bike