May tulips and lilies take the place of April crocus

By on 5-11-2011 in Original photos

The sun is shining and spring is warming into summer…the crocus, sadly are gone, in their place are red and yellow tulips and white lilies.
E lily

These lilies are very delicate and will be gone in about two days. Rain, when first blooming decreased their life span substantially.

red tulip

This red tulip, almost in full bloom caught my eye with it’s yellow streaks throughout its petals.

yellow tulip

There is always one in the mix that is different. The rest of the yellow tulips are parrot tulips with big floppy petals. This one of a kind has a much lighter tone and reminds me more of a rose colour. It is growing right in the middle of the other yellow tulips and stands out as an individual.

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