Digital Collage…..from rusty wheel rim

By on 11-27-2010 in art quilts, Digital Images + Collage, Original Pattern, Original photos

rusty wheel

This is my first digital collage. I started with the image below….a rusty wheel rim. The bright red and orange colours captured my imagination. There is a blade of grass in the center of the rim which gave some colour contrast. I manipulated pieces of the image, cropped them in Adobe Photoshop and moved them onto a new background. The colours for the background were taken from the rim as well. The lines were made with a Photoshop brush and applied before moving the image. This collage would look good on a card, in a scrapbook page or as a block in an autumn quilt.



  1. Wow, Amazing work. I love the colours and design.

  2. Thanks Leigh-Anne. I’ve been working on several documents using different pieces of my photos. I love working with colour, and this is a fast way to get a colour, creative ‘fix’.

  3. It’s really amazing, how your artistic eye saw all that in a rusty wheel..Kudos to you Susan.

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