The view from my October window

By on 10-23-2010 in Original photos

maple and oak leaves

The maple and oak leaves have been glorious this year. The crystal clear blue of the sky in the mornings makes you want to wake early and be glad you are alive. Unfortunately this morning we woke up to our first bit of snow.


  1. Wow these beautiful leaves make me homesick for Ohio. Also love the milkweed in the grass and the drops on the pine needles in the tree. You do have such an interesting site, The paper dolls are so cute and I wish I could still see well enough to do some needlework. Thanks for a lovely place to spend some time.

  2. I’m glad you like the paper dolls. I have a new one for December….I used photoshop to finish them…..the photos were taken on my new Fuiji camera. We are still in an Indian Summer here and the blue of the sky at this time of year is astounding. It’s going to end by Wednesday though, unfortunately.

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