Early October Mornings

By on 10-16-2010 in Original photos

October has outdone itself this year. What a beautiful month. Clear, chilly mornings have given us the bluest of skies and the plants glow with their own beauty. I was out removing the bean plants and had to stop to take photos.


The spruce needles were decorated with crystals of dew as they captured the sun’s rays.


One lonely milkweed seed resting in the grass captured the magic of this glorious morning.


Even the Scotch thistle out in the field glowed under the sun. What a beautiful morning to be alive !


  1. Your photos are so crystal clear. Great shots. Feel like I’m right there with you.

  2. Thanks Janet. The photos were taken with my new Fuji camera. I want to use some of these close ups in my quilting.

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