A Wedding Quilt…….”Turn Around”……for my young niece

By on 8-11-2010 in Original Pattern, Original Quilts

“Turn around and you’re a young wife with a babe of your own”. {lyrics by Malvena Reynolds, 1900-1978}……When the design of this quilt became a reality on paper, the name was clear. On the back label I placed two photos, one of my niece in her wedding gown and another of her when she was about 3. How do our children grow so big so fast? A year after the event, she is carrying her first child. The lyrics have pulled at my heart as my children grew to adulthood and my grand girls are now doing the same. Time never ceases.
Each block of the quilt has a meaning and a message along with it. Inside the label pocket on the back are two pages. One with the lyrics of the song and another with a block map and the messages that go with each of the blocks. I also had extra photos so created the two little hanging pillows using the left over patchwork pieces from the quilt.


  1. Amazing quilt. I really love it.

  2. Thanks Leigh-Anne. It was a pleasure to do. As I was creating it the feeling of life moving on was so present.

  3. Beautiful Work Sue GWN….from your Solesister In Florida!!!
    Sooooo Talented!!!!!

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