Christmas in March

By on 3-12-2010 in Christmas Patterns, Embroidery, Original Pattern

Happy Freddy Snowman

Freddy is a very cute snowman. His smile says “I’m happy and I feel like bursting out laughing”. I have completely embroidered him with a chain stitch except for his nose. I filled his nose with a few French knots. I chose a soft white diaper flanellette rather than a smooth muslin. I like my snowmen to be soft and fuzzy. I sketched him on Tuesday morning and finished the embroidery Tuesday evening. In this 3 inch square version he is free to use. I am drawing more of him with different hats. He sure is a pleasure to sketch as he makes me smile when I look at him. When I am finished all the different hats I will use a larger version to make a very happy Christmas wall quilt.

Freddy Snowman

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  1. So cute! Thanks for sharing.

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