A winter dawn, pick a season challenge

By on 7-19-2011 in Original photos

The last challenge for June at the Just Art site was pick a season. We had several parameters we had to meet. I have some beautiful photos of dawn breaking over the trees in the fields behind our old house. I am so glad I had the honour of seeing these sunrises and being able to keep them forever to look back on now that we have moved into the city.

A winter dawn

Forest Glade, a poem

By on 7-19-2011 in Original photos

Forest Glade is a another compilation of photos from the Morgue Files site. I just can’t seem to stop doing these, it’s like a kid in a sandbox with lots of toys. I just opened up several photos I liked, picked the forest for the background. Blending modes and transparency were used on every layer along with some Gaussian blur.

Forest Glade

Shattered dreams of an old man

By on 7-19-2011 in Original photos

This piece was also created using photos from the morgue files site Morgue Files. When I first found this photo of the old man I knew I had to create something with his image. He has a wonderful face, full of time and history. Again filters and blending modes as well as transparencies were added to make the dream state. Is there one of us who has not had our dreams changed or shattered along the way and morph or change as we grow older ?

Shattered dreams

Home, where my heart resides

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Home was created for the ‘scrap a word’ challenge at the Just Art site. I used images gleaned from the morgue files site Morgue Files. Filters, blending modes, transparencies and colour curves were all used in this piece. The sparkles are a brush provided with my PSE 11. This is a joyful piece full of romance and mist just as home should always be.

Home is where the heart resides

Solace Journal Page, where I like to go with my thoughts

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Solace means quiet, respective contemplation and who better to display this but a Blue Heron sitting waiting for his dinner to swim by, so very very still. Appleton is where the photo was taken, a pretty little town in the Ottawa Valley. It is the same photo I used for the digital piece as well. This page was created for the Art For the Creative Mind yahoo group for January.