Solace Journal Page, where I like to go with my thoughts

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Solace means quiet, respective contemplation and who better to display this but a Blue Heron sitting waiting for his dinner to swim by, so very very still. Appleton is where the photo was taken, a pretty little town in the Ottawa Valley. It is the same photo I used for the digital piece as well. This page was created for the Art For the Creative Mind yahoo group for January.


Half Past Autumn, December’s mini kit

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Half Past Autumn … I love this way of describing the season change between autumn to winter. It is from a poem by Gordon Parks “But I do feel a little teeny right now that I’m just about ready to start, and winter is entering. Half past autumn has arrived.” This kit was created for The Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s December colour challenge with ADB Designs. I have also done a page using ADB Designs pretty little kit and another created with my kit. These photos are from a beautiful autumn day deep in the Ottawa valley.

Ottawa Valley autumn
Page created with ABD Designs mini kit

Page created with my Half Past Autumn kit

Half Past Autumn
Half Past Autumn

Staycation, the third week scrapbook kit

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Choosing a place for the third week of the challenge was difficult. The Ottawa Valley is populated with beautiful old historic towns. Appleton was an excellent choice. This tiny town is so small it doesn’t have a store of any kind. It does have a wooden bridge, a river, white water and gorges lined with beautiful trees that turn colour in the autumn. Those colours are my colour palette for this kit. Revisiting this vintage town through my memories was a joy.

Appleton, Ontario

There are three links for this kit. Enjoy.
Elements 1
Elements 2

Children at the Carp Fair, Carp, Ontario

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A little boy carrying his prize dolphin and a little girl riding the merry-go-round along with her mother.

a boy and his dolphin

This little boy caught my eye as he was walking towards his mother. The dolphin toy he is carrying is almost bigger than he is. The coloured shadows of the dolphins as the sun shines through them beside him create a wonderful photo. I wonder who won the dolphin for him?

carp fair

Is there anything prettier than a little girl on the merry-go-round? This little one is hanging on to her horse, with her mother keeping her safe beside her. For me, this is what a fair is ….. families and their children getting together in our fast paced world, bringing back the feeling of belonging and adventure.

Happy Halloween to everybody

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Watch out for the ghosts and goblins tonight. I kept these three photos aside just for tonight’s festivities. All of these photos could be used as backgrounds for a spooky digital collage or inspiration for a dark nighttime quilt.

Orange moon through white cedar tree

A summer moon taken on a hot night. The white cedar shadow gives this photo it’s Halloween flavour.

harvest moon

September gives us a different moody moon. The moon this night was a beautiful silver with a big dog ring that picked up the moon shine and through it around the scudding clouds below it.

harvest moon

This is another summer moon. A June moon which was taken on a hot evening and another shadow of a white cedar tree.