Colourful Buildings of the World

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colourful buildings postcards

The first cards are from an exchange last fall…..colourful buildings. The theme was chosen after Valerie Hearder posted some photos from her holiday in Mexico. The buildings were fantastic. Then the on-line conversation drifted to Newfoundland and the other Eastern Provinces where they also have such pretty and uniquely coloured homes and other buildings. A new postcard exchange was born. The second group of cards are my first and second that were created for my first two exchanges. Also included is an Ottawa bicycle path, you can see the parliament buildings in the background and the 2009 Christmas card that I sent to family and friends. What a wonderful way to quilt.

2009 postcards

Embroidered Felt Fishing Boats on Canvas

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These two fishing boats were published in the McCall’s Needle Art Volume IV magazine. A romantic piece of embroidery that was sewn on canvas using the sewing machine and straight stitch. Felt was used for the boats, sun and building. Wouldn’t these boats look great using the new threads and fabrics available today? I can envision painted and stitched boats sailing over a large summer tote. A sea coast landscape quilt could be the background for one of the boats.
fishing boat pattern

The patterns for both pictures are here….pdf document is 460kb Fishing Boats Embroidery with Machine

February Sunrise

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February sunrise

February winter skies bring beautiful sunrises filled with rich colour. Gone are the silvers that are present in January. Spring is not far behind when you start to see colour in the morning skies. Unfortunately it didn’t last, as the sun rose higher the clouds moved in. Being up to greet the morning sun is a gift in itself.

February sunrise

A silver dawn in the Ottawa Valley

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I woke to a brilliant Mars in a clear deep blue sky. Predawn drew me outside to watch a silver sun rise. A perfect, snappy winter morning in the Ottawa Valley.

Silver Dawn
As the sun appeared above the horizon, clouds moved in to reflect the light, creating molten silver.

sun through oak tree
Our old gnarled oak tree framed the silver rays as the sun rose higher…….

sun through apple tree
along with the crab apple tree.

snow post
Snow lies everywhere, the day so cold the snowflakes are individually frozen to the post as natural diamonds.