Journals …. this is my first mixed media journal page

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This is my first attempt at a mixed media journal page created for the Art For the Creative Mind yahoo group. The only criteria for it was that we had to use a stencil. My stencil was the waste from a little flower die. Never throw those out until you have used them somewhere. There are several layers of bits and pieces of almanac pages, lace, gold striped and dotted tissue paper as well as a couple of dollar store napkins with roses. I also used some threads to create more texture in the piece. Creating more pages is now a priority in my little art cave.

Catnip Capers …. a summer quilt of kitties playing in the sun

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Catnip Capers was done for a woman who truly is the mother of these cats. Her favourite flowers are sun flowers and I thought what better than to put the cats in a sunflower garden enjoying the sun on a hot hazy day. The butterflies and dragonflies along with ladybugs are all present on this summer noon along with a hazy sun directly above. The cats are playing and rolling in the grass with one (there’s always one) looking down on them with humour.

catnip capers

These cats started as embroidery outlines. I painted and coloured them in Photoshop using a Wacom Bamboo tablet. Once they were fully drawn and coloured in I used filters to give them a soft furry look. The sunflowers have stuffed middles along with some of the petals that have been sewn down onto the quilt background. Other petals are double sided giving the flowers a 3D look. The stems are twisted cord, ribbon and embroidery floss. Large leaves were cut and sewn with a raw edge and then fray stop was used to keep them from fraying. The brown-eyed susans have button middles and the flower petals are simply a piece of gathered strips that has been cut with a pinking blade and doubled. The chickweed flowers were made on a daisy loom with ribbon and seed beads sewn for the centers. The little forget-me-nots are made with dark silk from men’s ties and mauve lame. Simple small yoyos turned backward and sewn down with more seed beads. The dragonflies, butterflies and ladybugs are buttons and embellishments. This quilt was an absolute joy to make from start to finish.

Vintage wedding rugs and patterns

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These three rugs are hooked. What a great way to recycle your old woolens or sew the motives onto a background using wool felt. Done in bright colours, they could be updated to look right at home in today’s home. Treated as a center piece on a whole cloth quilt would make a great conversation piece for your next stay over guest.

vintage wedding rugs

I have posted the heart pattern. I thought it is the most current looking and could also be used on a pillow as a valentine gift next year.

heart rug pattern

If you would like all three patterns you can download the pdf document here:
Vintage Wedding Rug patterns, McCall’s Magazine Feb 1986

A rare and beautiful Monarch Butterfly plus a Bumble Bee on a Scotch Thistle

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One bright and sunny day a Monarch came to visit. It spread it’s wings just long enough for me to snap a photograph.


When I was young they were numerous and you would see them almost every day. Now it is rare to see one at all and we have seen two this year. I will use this photo in a collage, soon, to honour this beautiful butterfly.

Bumblebee on a Scotch Thistle in the rocks of the Ottawa River

A Scotch Thistle that is growing in the rocks by the Ottawa River is sporting a bumble bee. What a pretty colour these thistles are.

Pileated Woodpeckers came for breakfast and pretty Brown-Eyed Susans

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This pretty, huge woodpecker and two others were hammering away at our willow tree early in the morning. This photo was taken from my window. Hanging out the window, trying not to scare away these terrific visitors and still keeping hold of the camera all at the same time was hilarious.

pileated woodpecker

This was a new family of woodpeckers, Mom, Pop and the youngster. They kept moving to the other side of the tree, so getting a good photo was almost impossible. so glad I did manage to snap a decent one.

brown eyed susans

Brown-eyed Susans are one of my favourite flowers. So sunny and bright, growing wild in among the grasses in the field. They would be so pretty embroidered onto a bright and sunny quilt along with white daisies and Queen Annes lace.

brown eyed susans

The play of shadows along with the flowers creates a beautiful photo.

brown eyed susans

The last of the Brown-eyed Susan photos. They make my heart skip a beat they are so pretty.