Traced hand with Rachael Rice for Life Book 2015

By on 8-02-2015 in Life Book 2015, Mixed Media

When Rachael Rice created this hand with an eye and healing symbols. I wanted to do something different, something that would have meaning for me. Following the shining sun, soaring with the crows as they float on the thermals created by that sun has a lot of meaning to me. The sun is the most healing thing I know. My aches and pains feel so much better and I love the warmth it gives me and it lights up my world. My hand has a stylized sun and soaring crows with three more crows in my sky. If you look closely you can see the bumps of my arthritis and the way my fingers are slightly bending from the bumps. The sun’s heat is making the hands feel so much better so I can continue with my art.

blue hand

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