Painted pages for journals

By on 6-21-2015 in Backgrounds for mixed media, Digital Images + Collage, Journal pages, Mixed Media

I found a box of printable sticky labels at a Value Village the other day and the first thing I thought of doing was to paint on one of these pages. I just randomly painted, stamped, wrote and painted some more until the page was filled without worrying about composition. This page can now be torn or cut into sections when I need a bit of something on a journal page, the backing pulled off and stuck straight onto the page. I am now working on another using left over paint etc to cover it. When it’s full I will have another page. I loved just getting down and arty without having to worry about whether something looks balanced or the colours merge properly simply because it doesn’t matter. I can also use the image for digital pieces over and over without destroying the original piece.

painted sheet for journals

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