Week 11 of Life Book 2015 with Jane Davenport

By on 3-17-2015 in Life Book 2015, Mixed Media

This was an interesting exercise and I definitely want to do more of these. Jane’s lesson had us create just the top part of a figure but when I saw this poppy tissue paper I knew she needed a dress of poppies so went for a half-sized figure instead. My faces are getting better but when I was finished I found she looks a bit cock-eyed. This is somewhat like I look when I first get up in the morning … especially my hair lol

week 11

Big Top, an overblown wonderful scrapbook page

By on 3-15-2015 in Digital Images + Collage

This page was created for the Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s progressive scrap for March 2015. When I saw the colours of the kit I knew exactly the images I was going to use. The circus images are from a vintage Barnum and Bailey poster that I scanned in last year. It’s amazing how close the colours are and of course I had to use the elements overblown because it is the circus!

Big Top scrapbook page