Mixed Media Card….”Adore”

By on 8-04-2011 in Mixed Media

This is my first mixed media card. I created it in Photoshop, no gluing or paper has actually been involved. The background was painted in gradients with colours chosen from the image. The butterflies are painted with a brush with a lower opacity. The image is courtesy of Dover Books through their free images they send every Friday. You can sign up for their free images here: Dover Publications The large butterfly is a photoshop shape that I beveled and embossed. The words were given an outer glow and the “adore” was also beveled. The edges of the image were filtered to give it a ragged look and I beveled them as well to make it look like it was set into a frame. I also beveled the outer border and then flattened the layers and saved it as a jpeg.

mixed media card in photoshop
I am very pleased with this first try at a card.