Vintage Paper Dolls

By on 6-28-2011 in Paper Dolls

Paper dolls have always been one of my favourites. These paper dolls were published first in the McCalls Winter 1924-25 Needlework Magazine, then again in their September 1988 Magazine. What fun these must have been to mommy’s little girl if she was allowed to actually cut them out and play with them. They would make a great gift for the paper doll collector in your family.

Molly McCall Paper Doll

Molly McCall has two pets, Blinky and Winx who have their own accessories. Molly also has her doll with her and a clown suit to wear.

Baby Jean and Nurse Celeste

Baby Jean has her own French nurse, Celeste, along with her own Christmas tree and a place to lay her head when she takes a nap.

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