Two more collages, these two honour Spring

By on 4-19-2011 in Digital Images + Collage, Fabric Postcards, Original photos

While I have been waiting for the rain to stop and the sun to shine I put together two collaged cards. For the first collage I used the yellow crocus. I painted the background, added moss from one of our trees then created a crocus brush. A very interesting piece of work, my first attempt at using the Photoshop layers in this way.

yellow crocus spring card

I chose the purple crocus for the second collage. I painted the background in this piece as well, and created another crocus brush which I used in two different sizes and colours to add depth to the piece.

spring card
I like the way the crocus flowers seem to float on air in both these collages and the moss takes on a character all of it’s own. Both of the collages would make great fabric postcards, especially with added embroidered embellishments.

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