Christmas in February

By on 2-23-2010 in Christmas Patterns, Embroidery, Vintage Patterns


These little vintage embroidered ornaments are in the McCall’s Christmas Make-it Ideas, Volume X, 1967 magazine. Embroidered on felt they lend themselves well to updated stitches and fabrics. I chose a muslin backing and red floss to do the little piglet. It hasn’t been put together into an actual ornament yet, but it will have a red backing along with a fringed, muslin border. Rather than using satin stitch for fill and a back stitch for lines I chose chain stitch with two strands of floss. The chain stitch fills easily without puckering on a project without a hoop. I back my muslin with a piece of flannelette to give strength to the piece as well as hiding any cross stitching on the back.


Isn’t this little piglet sweet? He would certainly stand out on any Christmas Tree. He could also be used throughout the year for a package ornament.


Patterns for all 5 ornaments, a 610kb PDF file, can be downloaded here: McCall’s Christmas Make It Ideas, Volume X, Embroidered Ornaments

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